HAIKU#9 & first part of My art project

Madhubani artwork i did for my art project

intrepid warrior
up to vanquish rivals
gripping the supremacy

Hola my amazing peeps, how are you all doing friends, hope you all are safe… Guys as in my previous post i mentioned about my art projects which i am working at present, so the theme was ANCIENT VEHICLE MADHUBANI , hence i drew this artwork of Ancient Egypt Chariot which was used in Wars and added madhubano patterns to it, the vehicle reference i took from google and rest all i did by my own… I really loved this Madhubani art style and enjoyed drawing this art. So so and so when there is an artwork of mine, how cannot be a poem/haiku/tanka/elfje on it??? Hence i wrote a Haiku dedicated to my art piece… Hows it friends, do let me know in your comments… Stay happy and i will try to be back with a new post soon, take care all…

💖Loads of love from Soni💖


  1. “One who is a writer turning cold words into warm worlds,
    who is also an artist creating abstract ‘whatever’ into alive feelings
    have been, by God, doubled blessed with two gifts of talent!”
    _-Van Prince

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