Fight back India!!!

My pencil sketch dedicating to all doctors saving lives in this pandemic🙏🙏🙏

Never ever loose positivity inside you…
in this way you will end up loosing the strong you!

Whatever situation may come…
Hold your heart and stay firm!

Think it to be a bad dream…
Get up and welcome the sunshine!

Do not give up, do not accept defeat…
Surely you will fight back the misery!

It is very grinding phase…
Have faith that you will come out of it with grace!

Let it become dangerous…
You stay at home with precautionary measures!

You are not alone in this fight…
All corona warriors are with you right!

Stay calm and respect their hardwork…
They are sacrificing their lives to drag you from black!

They are the true king and queens…
They will protect you by any means!

Just obey the safety measures…
Do not step out much from your houses!

If together you come out and try to save mother earth…
You will win and that day is not far!

Mask, sanitizer, hand wash…
Add them to your utmost essentials!

Think good, think positive…
Pray god for everyone’s safety!

Like sky changes from black to white…
Your life will be soon full of light!

So what are you waiting for human?
Gear up and fight back Indians!!!!

Hey my brave friends how are you guys doing? Hope all are fit and safe at home… As you know India is hugely suffering from this pandemic second wave and all are fighting hard to stay alive, to win and to survive… Everywhere cases are increasing with high rate which is very pathetic really… I know you all must be a bit of stressed and scared too but friends we should stay strong and positive as much as we can and never loose hope… Spend as much time as possible with your family and try to make everyone happy… Instead of sitting sad, frustrated we can atleast utilize this time our best to spread love,joy, positivity right? So please do it peeps… And please be careful always!!! Today i am dedicating my post to you all and to India for spreading ray of hope, inspiration amongst us… Well with suggestion of my blogger friend Ashish in my previous post Haiku#8 on what to write in next post, thought of writing something motivational to cheer up mood for you all pals… Hope it brought a bit of relaxation and smile on your face!! Do let me know how you felt in my comment section… Will be back with new posts soon… Stay healthy…

💖💖Loads of love and positivity from Soni💖💖


  1. The entire great nation of India is daily in my prayers that The God Who Is will bring a speedy end to this coronavirus. We are hoping the vaccines from the US and others will speed India’s recovery. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. Hope, appreciation and respect for the selfless is always due and hope thoughts get converted and sent as mental strength to all those who are suffering and helping others survive…Pencil sketch, especially with the face angle looking slightly down from behind is quite interesting. The details in the drawing tells the time and effort that it would have taken. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  3. So true lovely and I’ve been keep the prayers of positivity with India since this pandemic hit again, I’ve been hearing about it and hoping it gets better. You are right, it will not get beaten with somber ness but it will with safety and positivity! Prayers to everyone and keep being positive.♥️

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  4. Ik leef met hen en jullie mee.
    Wat daar aan de gang is, is echt heel emotioneel.
    En de artsen kunnen niet meer doen dan dat ze in hun macht hebben.

    Een gepaste potloodtekening die je erbij zet. 🌹❤

    Aum Shanthi

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      • SMiles Dear
        Soni Not
        Sure if
        You Were
        Friends With
        Poet Astha From
        India Or If So If

        You Know

        She Passed
        Away From

        On April 30th…
        Someone Notified
        me on Her Blog


        i was Checking
        Up on Her 12 Days
        On April 27th After
        She Went Absent

        She Was

        Only in Her


        Do Take

        Care Dear


        This isn’t

        Only A

        To The
        Old For Real 🙏😷 🌊❤️

        Astha A Dearest Loving
        Soul i’ve Ever Met



        As You
        aRE ALso True🙏

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  5. Preghiera e benedizione dal mio cuore per il popolo dell’India. Spero che questa grande sofferenza finisca al più presto e che la speranza non smetta mai di riempire la mente e il cuore della gente.
    Prudenza, sicurezza, osservate le regole mediche, forza col vaccino e vincerete presto!

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