7 lessions life taught me…!

Hey folks, today i am super happy to share my 50th Post on wordpress…😀 So lets have a look…❤️ Life is a biggest puzzle which human cannot solve so easily..
The more we try solving, the more we get tangled into it.
Sorrow after happiness is like an inescapable truth!, how much we try, can not circumvent.
Life is the biggest teacher, i believe…
It teaches us lesson by lesson almost everyday… Some we understand, accept and learn and some we just let it go..
Some are good lessons, some becomes nightmare!!
Likewise in my lifespan till date, i have learnt few strong lessons from life and today in my post i am sharing them with you friends…

Dont let yourself be taken for granted!!

This is the most important lesson i have learnt.
I used to be like helping others anytime they ask for, being there for others… Agreeing to whatever people used to say me… And gradually i realised their selfish motives. They would only care when they need, rest of the time they would behave as if i do not exist!! As it started happening in my engineering life, then job life, hence i started to console myself that its enough now.. They say if you just give finger, they would hold your hand!! Nd its very true now a days!! If Selfless people are 1% then vice versa exist 99%… Hence should never ever let yourself to be available for everyone of those category whenever they want. Each and every person should follow it, i believee!

Learn to say NO

I was a kind of girl, since childhood i would say no directly on face if i dont agree on something.
But later on when i grew up, i dont know why i could not deny to other people asking help or arguing on any points, i would silently agree…
I would apologize too, even if it is not my fault.
So i have accepted this biggest lesson like never agree to others view always, never become kind of their follower, why to?? You have your own identity, your own opinion, your own rights too. Then why to say YES to everyones points. So i have learnt and loved the word ‘NO’ , hahaha i know it might sound a bit funny… but its the fact! If you keep agreeing to everyone, then you would definitely end up becoming their slaves kinda… So simple, if you dont like their views, just say NO!

Stay far away from negativity

This is the lesson i learnt in my hostel life!
Being away from home, and being too much homeseek, i used to try talking to everyone… Used to try making friends with everyone and used to ignore their negativity!
Well i am not saying i am a person full of positivity only and no flaws!! no, noone is perfect in this universe… Everyone has good and bad sides..But i have come across people who have shown their negative sides to the fullest…So any such behaviors which i sense like cunning nature, jealousy, selfishness, attitude, ego etc i just learnt to distant myself from those people and the environment.
I am a simple girl, so i love being around people who dont have attitude of money or class or so and so, and who behave kindly with others, dont show ego while talking, dont backstab others.
I know you guys know it already, so dont let yourself get into such negative environment ever. Peace is the utmost important in our life, Right??

Be happy with yourself

This is the paramount important thing should be followed always.
Always love yourself and be happy with whatever you are and however you are..
If you are not happy with your ownself, then how you would spread joy around!
Never underrestimate yourself being with your status or your looks or your position, never ever!!
Always should be grateful to God for whatever position you are in!! People are there who live life even worse than us, so seeing them we should learn to be happy with our present situation. I know saying is easy, but trying is essential too, isnt it?

No sugar coating, speak on face

This i have learnt finally!! I could not speak harsh to others who hurt my emotions!! But now a days, i speak up on peoples face who act rudely with me instead of buttering them!
So i would say i am straight-forward and not a sugercoating person. If i feel someone doing something wrong, i would directly say on face, rather than putting butter on them and praising their mistakes and same i expect from others too to say on my face if i am wrong instead of blabbering against me at my back…

Be a smart person

Yeah i am not an over smart person at all.
so this is another crucial thing life has taught me. Not to behave like a dumb ever infront of othets, instead always present yourself in smart way or even smarter..
If you will be showing your innocent side, soft side to others, they would take advantage of it always.
So act smartly, behave actively is the motto here.

Last but not the least=> Be self dependant

Never ever be fully dependant on others unless and until its too much necessary! or else people are there who think themselves too superior over you as you will be taking their help always…
Hence to the best should try doing everything by your own till its possible guys..This is also a biggest lesson learnt in my life…

With this, i am ending my post here peeps..
Do let me know what you think in comment section! Whether you agree to my points or any other feedbacks you have, kindly do so!!!
Will be back with next post soon, till then stay fit and fine.😀



  1. By far, not an exaggeration at all, one of the best, most relatable and helpful post I have come across on WordPress !!!!!
    The first two points are so me!!! I just find it really hard to not be helpful at times, and then I feel so sad when I don’t get the same back😣
    Saying NO – never heard it before but by far the most unique and helpful things!!! I do try to do it but when people force to do something, or act as if they are in charge, like we are just there in the crowd MEANT to agree !!! Ahhhh this is such a good post you have no idea just how this meant to me, such a great post, and I am saying this sincerely from the heart.
    No sugarcoating, be honest, I find that hard to do on WordPress and this post helped me realize that I should… What could these people do to me… Why should I not speak my mind
    🙌🙏 such a fab post, thank u so much for sharing it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ideally, this most excellent post should be common sense, but too many people need to learn these truths.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and excellence.

    Liked by 1 person

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