Why? Tell me why?!!

A photo which i clicked in 2018 in Matheron

He asked her, why do you always hide me beneath your black and white sheet?
Is it because you think me as ugly!!

Why dont you let me rise and see the world?
Is it because you dont think me deserving atall!!

Why dont you let me see her?
Is it because you dont care!! he asked!!

Yes, i hide you from the sun…
It is to protect you from the heat around!!

Yes i do cover you…
It is to not any obstacles touch you!!

Yes sometimes i dont let you see the world…
It is to protect you my child!! Replied the clouds covering and hugging the mountain!!

So whatsup peeps, my lovely friends, my inspirtations, my potterheads!!!🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Hows life moving!
Yeah i know i told, will take a BREAK, but you know if something strikes my head, i cant keep quite and i do write…hehehe…so i am back!!!😃🤗
Well i was just scrolling my old clicks, and saw this beautiful photo which i clicked in 2018 and immediately something pinched my head, so wrote a small piece… i dont know if my imagination is correct and even worth writing, still do let me know your views friends in comment section😃❤️❤️❤️
See you all in my next post, till then stay happy and take care!!



  1. The move when it turned out to be the clouds talking to the mountain was unexpected, although I have seen the picture. Great! ❤
    I first thought it was about something else, which it maybe was, but why can't the clouds and mountains talk as well. 🙂

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  2. Lovely Soni….
    I totally understand…..need to pen it down when the mind bakes something…..I get those urges too….🤩😉😊.. lovely post….nice to see you during break time 🤩🥰

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  3. 🏔
    Snow Topping
    Covering With
    Ice True Clouds Do
    Protect Mountain Tops
    From 🥵 Yes Scorching
    Sun Yet If Snow ❄️ Does
    Not Melt Sheathing Ice 🧊
    Tops Of
    Now Will Never
    See or Be Seen New

    Other Than That
    Soni Your Poetry
    is Truly Beautiful Free
    Verse FLoWinG Coming
    Deepest From Soul
    Yes When
    Gift Sparks
    Record it Write
    It Down For All
    To See And Feel
    Free Yes For You
    See This Is Your Sun
    Soni Within Melting All
    Covers of Your



    To BREaTHE Free…🤗🙏

    Ever Green Living Tree🌲

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  4. When inspiration strikes…..
    From there come the best works.
    Thank you for your hard work, and sharing yet another excellent post.
    You are very appreciated.

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  5. So beautiful conversation! Loved reading through! Appreciate your imagination.lovely picture too. Looking forward to more masterpieces from you.
    They inspired me to think like this:-
    Then the cloud continues to say, amongst all the Abiotic factors ,it’s only you who could touch me.
    My child you are the first one to receive my blessings in the form of rain and snow,amongst all the worldly creatures🙂

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    • 😃😃❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗 thank you so much dear, glad you liked my post… I went through some of your posts on birds and your art, i must say you are an awesome artist… Glad you too like painting… Do have a look on my posts on arts which i have done in lockdown😃❤️

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  6. Omg soni this was sooo good!! soo good. I really loved the imagery and the link between clouds and mountains.😍😍😍😍😀😀💕 Really inspired me and made my day, Thanks a lot!!😘
    sending lots of love your way

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  7. The lovely thing about writing is giving all things life and a voice and it’s what you did here. Love how the clouds were the protector of something so big such as mountains, just shows size doesn’t matter, everyone needs something or someone. I like how you see something and you draw inspiration from it to write, that’s a writers and an artists gift.❤️

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