A thought!!

“Just like the bubbles,
if we try holding them too tight…
They just burst!!
Likewise if we keep holding to our sad past for too long…
They let us get shattered…

If we blow them with love,
They fly high with joy!!
Likewise if we let go of past and move on…
Our life will be raidant!!”

–A random thought✍🏻


  1. The thoughts fall to us
    from the unchissed lips
    which after years
    in their hunger
    to demand affection

    we are supposed to be the past
    take with us

    of those people
    those in us every day
    light up like the stars

    those wonderful eyes
    those faces that with us
    in our heart
    of familiarity in us
    still speak
    as they did
    then today

    we should also the dark
    do not despise
    from which we became
    us for us
    a gift of life

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