2-Mins Receipe!!

Hey friends!!! How you all doing!! My todays post is about a sweet dish… So lets go into depth!!!

Well let me tell you one thing about myself is i am a foodie, i love trying different type of dishes always, well as you might know from my prev post that i dont like cooking atall, but yes this covid lockdown indeed casted a cook spell in me!! All of a sudden i holded pans, cooker, spoons etc in one hand and my phone with youtube on in another hand to watch the food receipies to prepare!!!😆

Ummmm if i count then almost 60 dishes i have made till date during quarantine and as usual the caste’s effect lowered and now a days i am more into writing, drawing and singing than into cooking😬
So this ‘CUP/MUG CAKE‘ receipe is the most loved sweet dish of mine amongst all, hence why not to share with you my friends.
I am sure most of you already might know on preparing process, so who dont know, please go through and do try making at home. Its just yummmmm. And as i have stated before, i love the combination of cappuccino and chocolate brownie alot, so though i didnot make brownie being lazy, so tried out my hand on this small sweet cake!! So lets go…..

*2small packets of chocolate oreo biscuits served for two people
*A cup of milk(normal temp, and can increase quantity as per required)
*A pinch of eating soda
*Dry fruits as per your choice

1Break the oreo biscuits into small pieces.

2)Grind them all using a grinder till powder

3Take the powder out on a medium bowl.

4)Pour a cup of milk into it and stir it till mixes well(dark brown color) and neither thick nor watery, medium consistency is needed, and if more milk is needed then you can add too according to your taste and also you may add powdered sugar if you want more sweetness, but as i do not prefer over sweet hence i dont add any sugar to it.

5)Add a pinch of eating soda and again mix it well.

6)Chop dry fruits such as Kajoo, Kismis, Almonds, walnuts or anything as per your choice into small pieces and mix it in the batter.

7)Take out tea cup of coffee mugs (be careful not to use of steel, apart from steel one anything you can use)

8)Take a drop or 2 drops of oil in your hand and brush them inside the cups.

9)Pour the batter till half level of the cups.
10)Place the cups inside microoven and bake them for 2mins.

After 2mins, you can see the level of the chocolate layer coming up and your Cup/Mug cake is ready to be served.

Do try it guys iff you are a sweet dish lover, you would definitely love it.

So let me know your views on comment section and if you prepare ever, let me know how you felt!!!

Signing off till my next post pals…



  1. Biscuits! You don’t live close :P. Heheheh “cookies” around these here parts 😉
    Thank you for coming by my way. I am a very snail slow reader so I hope I may share back a little of the same joy you’re offering.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love mug cakes whenever I have sweet cravings but don’t want a ton of bowls and utensils to clean. Cooking is fun, but cleaning after yourself isn’t! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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