“Hey doll, are you there?? Speak something… Please stop crying first of all…its ok dear…so what one opportunity went…you will get more…dont feel depressed like this. You have multiple options to opt for your career, so just calm down”
“Ok sister, i will call you back.. My head is aching to the core, bye” i just threw away my phone and dumped my red face into my pillow (hmmm pillows are our sole soul soothers whenever we cry with all our energy, they are our companions most of the time, isnt it??)

After some 10-15mins, again phone rang, i just looked at it, my friends were calling me one after another…I decided to let it ring, as i thought if i would tell them about my failure, they would laugh at me…but as my phone kept on singing the ringtone, i had to receive it…“Hey where the hell are you girl? Simply you have evanesced?? Not picking up calls also, whats wrong with you??” my friend shouted nonstop“Whats the matter? What do you want, i am not feeling well, please let me sleep. I am…”“Hold on there, now no time to not feel well and all that. Keep aside your headache and come as fast as you can to 1st floor, CEB, sir is asking for you. Dont you have to get prepared for the interview or what??”For a second, no not second as well, for a minute i thought i am day dreaming…i am just hallucinating some voices, then i came back to reality and was like “WHATTTTT???I cleared the written??!! Like when?? Like how??” then i-soni punctuated and shouted “Stop your own interview round here itself, and rush there to face job interview”Then i became Milkha-Soni and just ran to the building…”Shit yaar…no way man…damn!!! ” these were my words as soon as i realised i have forgotten my documents (10th,12th,till date semester marksheets etc…well you guys know it very well right)I was like where you left your mind and came here girl… Go now back to your hostel room and bring them all.Again Milkha-Returns!!!Ran like a dog and reached hostel and came back with all docs.With a sigh of relief sat there along with others.So by now i guess i burnt 1000+ calories already… Why ? Calculate and imagine why… (130+130+130 steps up and down+2+2+2kms with high speed)I was imagining myself to be in some sports finale field, doing 100m/200m/300m+++ run…!!

Then our learning officers com trainers came near me, gave me an questioning look “All set lady?? All documents arranged? Prepared for the interview? Cross check if anything is missed. And wear your college ID CARD properly before entering the room”“Well whatt??? Wait whattt??? College ID Card????” thats all.. Yeah right guess. I forgot to bring my id card too!!!!!! No i was not a Ghajini, but that day i kind of became one for sure!!!I stood up from my seat, gave a reluctant smile to officer sir… He clearly got the point that again this lady has forgotten something in hostel…he stared at me and his looks were like “are you a human with no brain?? How could you just keep forgetting one by one important things right on this day?? Did we arrange campus placement for you to jog to and fro here ??”Before he could speak out, i vanished from his eyesight…Well now total count of my exercise reached 130*5 = 650 stairs + 10kms => beyond my capacity!!I was completely exhausted, loss of breath and extremely tired…I was in no mood to even sit there and wait till my turn comes… Bed, pillow were playing ringa ringa roses infront of my eyes, tempting me to sleep…but no options…Again like a statue i had to sit there and wait for almost 2hrs+ for my number…Somehow i prepared my knackered self to gain some energy and to face the next round TECHNICAL+HR

So finally after a wait of more than 2hrs, my name was called, i was rehearing it like hearing my name for the first time or something…I-soni was about to burst but before that i blurted out “Excuse me sir, may i come in?”

In a second i was sitting infront of the interviewer, with an active face mask but from inside 100% dead beat…“Tell me something about yourself”Was his first question.Well this sentence we were informed and were practised number of times, so answer was pretty ready in my mind…“i dont understand, what more we need to tell about ourselves?? Everything is written in resume. What more you wanna know? Like what we eat, what we drink, when we sleep, when we wakeup, where we go???etc stuffs???” were the sentences marching in my head.“What are your strength and weakness?” “Well do you want me to enter JUMANJI and become some character to play along with my strength and weakness?” were another bunch of sentences flowing in my head.But i supressed all these and answered with full confidence (which were running -ve at that moment of time, frankly!!!)Then he kept on asking technical questions, and i kept on replying with 200% confidence…“Do you want to ask anything about our organization?”“Well, you just say here itself are you hiring me or not, what will i ask about your company? If i get good post, good enough bucks, thats all right? Or should i ask how many branches you have? How many acres all offices have occupied? Greenery there?? Washrooms there? Food will be available? Etc etc” stupid questions were revolving, but i as usual ignored my inner mind and just for formality asked “how much your organization is employee friendly? What all good facilities we get there to work with?” (yeah i said “we” as if i was told i am selected, see my overconfidence level…hahahah)He smiled at me and replied politely. Oh well i forgot to mention, he was very much polite, calm and gentle person..respect…“you can leave now, have a great day ahead”I shook hand and left (blaberring in mind yeah yeah and yeah, till now already had the greatest day today… Dont want to have more of greatest now…no energy left)Again a wait of 1hr+ to get the final shortlisted names…I was like here only i will lie down on a bench and will sleep..Then came the dhak dhak dhak dhak moment… Yeah all HRs who were taking interviews of us gathered around there and the one who took my interview was declaring names of students who were placed…One after another names were being called and my heart beat was up with double or triple or more of beats…“TM0300SUNITA NANDA… TM0300SUNITA NANDA…TM0300SUNITA NANDA!!!!”All who knew me, were glaring at me like has she become deaf??Then i realised oh well sunita nanda means me right, my name is being called right?? I came to sense and like an obedient student said yes sir!!

It was like a dream sequence for me! I was sitting there in disbelief!!!Still not able to gulp it that i am finally placed!!! I wont have to feel inferior anymore inside my hostel room…The feeling to make parents proud finally were gushing in me…A drop of tears, mm well joy of tears rolled down!!!Gosh… I jumped out of the room and called my parents, shared this stupendous news with full excitement… They were just overwhelmed with joy and my maa being same or can say more sentimental than me cried too… Finally their youngest daughter  cracked a job…!!! Father was too proud of me, his chhua…My sister danced out of contentment!! Her little doll became a job holder!!!she was the most happiest that day!!!After burning these many calories, i gained energy in this form of placement!!! I was done!!! Happy!!!!Months of dedications, practices were well served!

Signing off till next pals…


  1. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal website now 😉

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