Give importance or stay away???

Hey guys, today want to chit chat with you all via my post on an interesting topic pitched into my head. ‘Should we just ignore, stay far from people who always criticise and demotivate us or give importance to them?, keep their talks in mind??’

In society being around human beings we grow up and face motley of people in life.
Some give us positive vibes, some give us negative vibes.
People with positivity we always welcome with our open heart. Love to be around them. Take inspirations from them. Never get any bad opinions on them, right? And its manifest too.
But what about people who often give us negative vibes ??
Ofcourse i know you would say stay away from such kinds…
But what if you like them too?? I mean if they are not always negative, but sometimes give you a feel of negaitivity, then?? What to do??
Yeppp, such types do exist friends.

Some human beings there who prefer to criticize you, make fun of you, think you as nobody, never praise you ever or praise 1% and demotivate 99%, never give much importance, but somewhere if still they hold a place in heart then? Can we just stay away and break all bonds ?, i guess its not so easy right?

Best ways i follow often, which i would love to share with you.


Yeah, its correct friends. The more you would ignore their comments, the more peaceful you will be.
The more you give importance to their criticism, the more affected you will be.
Such people dont think before commenting, before making fun of you, its like they love criticising you always even if you do good things, so why to care ???
Why to make your brain get agonized, correct??
Yeah i know if such people exist from your close, near and dear ones then its quite hellish to ignore, but once you start snubbing their words, you will get used to it.
In such way it wont hamper you and them but it will keep you calm.
Let them blabber, you cannot change people right? If you think also of no use, you will only end up changing yourself. So best way is to not buy their words ever!


As no help to shout infront of a deaf likewise no point of squabbling with them atall!
By doing so you will make your own tongue grubby, and end up being pestered.
In life you have other beautiful things to do right, than involving yourself in such barmy matters!
So best way is to not utter a word, so that relation wont spoil and you will be composed in your life.
The more you dispute, the more worse it will go on, because they wont revamp themselves ever.


Being conistently negative, demoralizing your good efforts is their issue, not yours.
May be they are jealous, frustrated, cannot bear to see others good qualities, efforts.
So its completely their nodus right? You dont have to do anything in that.
Just focus on your own happiness, improvement and keep inducing yourself, keep rising.

So friends i would end up with short explanations that after all its your life, your own way to lead. So lead it happily pals.
Let others blether, but you be unique. No need to stoop to their level and also follow above said not to make relation bitter with own people but to let it be as it is.
In this way you will be forever blissed.

Thats all for today friends.

Will chit chat with you in my next post.
Till then stay happy, stay fit, stay cool.

Soni signing off!


  1. “People shouldn’t go along
    just to get along
    human beings should not flatter one another
    they should pay sincere complments to each other
    become true friends together
    making communication better
    making the world better.”

    By: Van Prince


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