Heya friends!! Today again i thought sharing few of my colorful arts with you guys, as i know some of you indeed love arts, right??
So i am quite glad to write this post on arts which i learnt referring youtube, as everyone say YOUTUBE is a great teacher of arts for beginners like me!!!
Lets dive into my arts then…🤗

These are few of arts i referred from youtube and tried to draw in this lockdown phase, and still going on…And you know what guys, once i complete an art, i feel immense peace, satisfaction and joy always!!! Its like art is my soul, sorry if i bored you guys😐😐🙏🏻 Do let me know my lovely friends how you felt about my trial on arts on comment section, and if you too love drawing then let me know if you have posted it, i would definitely love to have a look❤️❤️🤗🤗



  1. चित्र आपके लगे विचित्र
    देख जीवित वो लगे
    बाते करने लगे हमसे
    कहे पीड़ा हमारी आप लिखे।।

    हमने पूछा चित्र उनके
    कलम हमारी कैसे चले
    चित्र बोले हमे केनवास से
    आप पूछो,हम देख रहे।।

    Pictures of you
    Look like they live
    Started talking to us
    Say that you write our pain.

    We asked his picture
    How do we get our pen
    The picture said to us from Canvas
    You ask, we are watching.

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  2. बहुत सुंदर
    ऐसा लगा यहा आकर
    मेरी तमना पूरी हो गई
    मुझे चित्र देख कर कहानिया
    बनाना सीखना है।।

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  3. Your Artwork 🎨 is amazing, and it’s coming from a Digital Designer so trust me when I say that you draw from your heart and soul which makes your work touching other people’s 💕heart, just like it touched mine❤❤😍😍, I would love to do a collab with you and I would like to invite you to be a Guest blogger on my Blog 😊 (you can write one post on my blog as a Guest Blogger) and you can also see the Guest blogger section on my blogsite before deciding 😊

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  4. Oh okay 😦 just to let you know, I share my blog on my official Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. So your Blog will be shared on these platforms too 😊✌ I will share the links of my social platforms with you so you can look at it, and I will give all the credit to you when I share the guest blog😊❤❤

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