Hey Pals!! Today I am doing the Small Joys Tag. I was tagged by Nehal, link to her posts is
She is an amazing writer. Each and every posts of her are too interesting. Do read her writings friends, you would love them❤️❤️
Thank you so much Nehal☺️🤗❤️

Thank the blogger who tagged you.
•List 15 of your small joys.
•Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy.

Things That Bring Me Joy:☺️☺️

1: Doing different styles of drawings👩🏻‍🎨

2: Singing my fav songs in star maker 🎤🎧🎵

3: Writing my heart out on posts ✍🏻

4: Gossiping with my friends and family🤗❤️

5: Riding on my scooty to any places.

6: Whenever get to eat my fav chocolate dishes🍫🍩🧁🍮🍰🥧

7.Watching comedy movies

  1. My capuccino and chocolate brownie time🥰

9.Helping any poor people

10.Buying gifts for my own people🎁

11: A peaceful sleep whenever i get time, as the biggest lazy me 🛏️😂

12: Whenever recognized and appreciated for my hardworks in job life or in other aspects🤗Whenever get time to enjoy nature, sky, birds, greenery❤️

13.Whenever i watch hary potter movie 14.❤️Whenever i drive car like crazy 😂😂15.Whenever get time to enjoy nature, sky, birds, greenery❤️

Well guys, if you want you can mention your small joyous moments by commenting on my post or sharing your such post with me, i would love to read them.❤️🤗
Do let me know friends your comments on my small joys☺️☺️☺️

Will be back with new post, till then take care, stay safe and fit…



  1. Aww, such a sweet post!! I love how you thanked me, so sweetly 😍😍
    And I love your answers, true from the heart
    Glad to know I found another Potterhead in a new friend 😎
    Have u read the books too?
    Ahh, same here, the joy in activa, the joy of being recognized for your hard work
    “9.Helping any poor people” 🤩 wow u have such a kind heart
    You know, another thing I really like about you is how you consider your readers as friends 😄
    You are a wonderful person !!!
    PS: “doing the Small Joys Book Tag”
    Might be a mistake, just the word Book isn’t needed here 😅 thought I should say, as a friend 🤗

    Liked by 3 people

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