Things learnt and loved!

Hey guys, do you feel thrilled to learn new things in life? Ofcourse many do…
So today wanna share my experience with you all on what all new interesting things i learnt in this lockdown which i always wanted to but did not get ample time ever… Lets have a look 😃


This one i just adored a alot!!
I always wanted to learn Guitar, but as usual this covid has just made a pause on everything.
So the goal is set aside for somedays!!
I found an interesting app WALK BAND which is having all musical instruments to play in phone.
So i first started exploring on Piano/Keyboard, though i do not have any much idea on notes, but with assessing and practicing i did play 2 different song tunes and were just remarkable! Gradually i would go for guitar, which is my dream!!
Do try it friends if you are music lover, you will love it and is also a good way to spend your time in this current pathetic situation!!


Artist never stop experimenting on art forms!
Well i have not yet reached to artist level but i too love doing different styles of arts.
So in this pandemic, being passionate about art i did learn different art style by my own.





These are few styles i practiced referring youtube and just impressed with the patterns.
Since childhood i love drawing as you all might know, i have already mentioned in my previous posts.
But i used to do mainly landscapes and cartoons, and few mehendi designs but never tried other styles, i was totally 0 in making a human face. But i gave a thought to try making portraits, and advanced towards the goal.
So since May 2020 till date with my full perseverance i have learnt almost on making human faces (yet to be perfect in making realistic portraits, but practice is ON)
So pals this is the perfect time for you to learn art and its varities iff you love painting!! please go on…


Hmmm, this is something many population know now a days, right??
So i too thought why not to give it a try then?
Independent india, independent women!!
So in this lockdown i learnt driving Manual car and Clutch+Gear+Break were like 3 goddess to me, whose mantra i chanted for many days 🤣
Sometimes i did wish, i would have purchased an Automatic one instead of Manual…
But with few of my mechanical engineer friends suggestion, i went for Manual car as they say if you really wanna enjoy car ride then Manual is the best for you!! so here i am, today driving car to some extent, yet to be a pro driver but i will one day!! (though i can ride a kart d best, i mean i do go-karting very nice 😃 and its my fav)
Atleast i can park and take out from parking zone my car nicely!!😝
Fellas if you have 4wheeler and little bit interest then do start learning it, as you know covid time, lockdown time, less traffic, somewhat empty roads are the best criteria to learn it fast!!


Well you all know i am not atall that typical house arranger type girl.. I am lazy, love to sleep type…(well is it some hardwritten rule like being a girl means should and must arrange house, cook etc?? as if boys stay outside of house and eat air!!huh)
but as i am an admirer of art and designs, so homemade craft is a thing which grabbed my attention now a days!!
I have watched art and craft videos alot in youtube but never thought to do it on my own.
But now i am quite overawed by them and have started practicing this. So soon i would be sharing photos of crafts once i become somewhat great at making them, wait for it friends!!!😝
So peeps if you have plenteous time at home in this rampant situation then i would definitely suggest you to give it a try!, its really beguiling.


Yeah writing short stories in my mother tongue language, writing short comic stories, poems i used to do very often in childhood days (already have mentioned in my old posts) but writing blog on sundry topics, or on my own life journey is a bit different and completely new thing to me!
So in this lockdown i started emphasizing my hidden writer 😜
Got inspired from my friends writing blogs, so thought why not to give it a try, as i know writing a bit atleast!!
Then what, i just opened my account on blogging site and started with scratch and moderately started to write…
Now i am full confident that, if given chance i can write a book too!!! (please dont laugh, hehehe)
Pals if you have teeny-weeny interest on writing then its the high time, just go for it!!
Dont hum and haw on it, just give it a try, no fear of being judged atall.
Atleast in this way one sure shot benefit is you will get to learn new words, Isnt it great guys?


Well guys, in our busy schedule we often dont get enough time to do workouts, right!
So i accidentally surfed google and observed this amazing workout style ‘Tabata’
So basically its a high-intensity interval training and is only of four-minute workout, you can do four days a week. But if you have heart issues, then i would suggest not to opt it.
If you can take the intensity, then you can go for it friends. Its a short and rigorous exercise and very helpful to reduce weight and stay fit and healthy…
Friends, if interested then do give it a try!!
If its too much for you then ofcourse you know we have other options such as Zumba/aerobics/dance/yoga! (if you love weight lifting exercises then you can buy online 3/4/5kgs dumbbells and can refer youtube videos for exercise steps, It does help a lot)
Well i would soon write a new post on various exercising ways!! stay tuned peeps 😃


Well this is kinda tough but still i have thought to try it out…
So i have browsed apps which help to learn new languages other than english!
Few such apps are
HelloTalk and many more.
Friends if you love to learn new languages then these are best apps to install and go on!
I have not started it, but soon will do it.
There is no harm in knowing different language right?

Done with learning phases guys, i mean over with todays post!!
Do let me know if you got your new things learning ideas from my points😃, if not also no worries, we have 24/7 question answerer GOOGLE 😜
Take care, stay fit and i will be back with new post soon!!!

Signing off!!!


  1. Glad to know people like you who spent their “lockdown days” productively. It is great that you share this blog that will give ideas to others. These things also will be a big help to prevent depression. keep safe ❤️❤️❤️

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