The Phenominal Feeling!

She was all knackered and sleepy!!
She just opened the lift and came inside!!
She entered her room and threw the handbag on bed and just lied down over there yawning…
She looked outside of balcony door being on bed and felt a bit of relaxation with cold breeze blowing inside and a piece of calm and quite night..
She always wanted to go outside at night to just have a view on how city looks at night, how is the nightlife, but could not do so being little bit scared of going alone, she smiled abit.
Suddenly she heard two voices calling out her name louder, she just ran outside her room to see whats the matter.
She saw her friends Shreya and Shweta shouting out her name, ‘Sonaa come out, lets go, lets go.’
She was a bit confused, she asked ‘hey whats the matter! why you guys shouting this much? and where you wanna go? that too at this time!! have you even seen the watch? its 12AM night already!!!, and how….’
‘Susssshhh🤫 how much you ask questions girl!
we are saying right, come on lets just go outside, down on the lane we will just walk a little and come back, as you see the weather is too spiffing, cannot resist to go for a walk, now comeon dont argue and come with us, you lazy kid’
Her friends entreated her beyond her imagination and finally she gave up.
Its not like she wasnt fascinated for this moment, it was like her long wish coming true to go out at night and get dissolved with the night city life!!!

Finally they three started walking and walking and walking, well it was not a very long distance walk, a short and sweet night walk to a near by beautiful place, basically its a kind of market with every kind of things be it household chores, clothes, decorating items etc and also food stalls loaded with street food!
The interesting thing of that place is greenery, small gardens and chairs to sit and talk.
She was too full of beans and was just having a whale of time.
Full dark night, stars glitterring, moon gleaming, cool breeze…
A bit busy roads, vehicles rushing, it seemed like 6PM evening time in her hometown village to her!!!
She could not believe this is actually night time in the city!!, as she had never stepped out after 7PM in her hometown!
She was with beatific smile holding on her face.
She was kind of thankful to her friends for this stupendous moment!!
After a small 15mins walk they reached at the place.

They entered and just sat down on chairs facing towards garden and just enjoyed the dark green views, some people were busy enjoying their street food as dinner, some were busy walking around, few were just tittle tattling in groups and gigling.
She was a bit confounded as she expected place to be with nonpeoply, but to her surprise it was crowded at night 12.30PM!!!, but she liked it and felt a bit safeguarded.
‘Hey should we just keep sitting? i am a bit hungry man, lets eat something or atleast an ice cream please….’ Shweta babbled.
‘Yeah, ofcourse, why not babes, i am always ready for a chocolate ice cream’, joined shreya..
In a sec both stared at Sona and as usual she had to agree too!
They ran to a roadside ice cream stall and grabbed chocolate cornetto.

Shweta amd shreya were busy swallowing it as if someone would snatch it from her…
Sona was just enjoying every bite of it, and why would not she? Night walk, night life view and add on was her fav flavored ice cream! which she never imagined would be possible!
‘So ladies, this spiffing moment should be captured, what say?’ shouted shweta with excitement and being a selfie freak!!
In a minute some 10-15 selfies and 20 groufie were loaded in her phone!!!

‘Show me, show me, my pics should look good, or else do not post it on facebook ok’ uttered shreya, and all three looked at each other and tee-heed!
‘ok friends, its 1am post now, shall we leave? i am a bit sleepy too’ spoke sona and finally they walked back to their flat…
Sona was the one who whoopped it up the most, as her wish came true!
She just thought back that 1 and half hours bonzer moment and with a gleeful smile on her face felt asleep!!!

Thats all for todays short story post friends!
Do let me know how you felt by liking or commenting on my post!!
Signing off till my next!!!


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