Another Pastel art i did months back referring youtube👩🏻‍🎨

Wandering barren life…🥺
Incessant road…🛤️
Heart wishes liberty….💖💃🏻



    • Haiku is a japaneese short poem explaining anything or person or place or any such, usually written in 3 lines with no rhyming words in end of line and first line should contain total 5 vowels, second line should contain 7 vowels and third line should contain 5 vowels in it…

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      • Okk, but you can start your own way of explaining things, mmm, okk that was a bit strech for me, that’s why I said you can try your own way, but thoughts aside, I like the picture and those words too,

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  1. I love it mate.
    Haiku has form structure (syllables) but adventurous and passionate writers like us make a form our own with our own style. Mate… you’re a great writer and no-one can take that away.

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