Final list of contestents!!

Hello my amazing bloggers, whatsup guys, hope you all are safe and fine at your home!
So friends as you all might know that i organized a writing contest on theme NATURE, if you dont know then do have a look below👇🏻

I am so so happy and excited that i received 26 wonderful entries for the contest, and believe me friends i loved each of them!!! As usual i am super confused to announce the TOP-5!! But by seeing these many fabulous writeups, i am now thinking to make it TOP-8!! What say peeps😃
But as you all know i appreciate everyones writeup always and for me all are the winners and stupendous bloggers! But according to constraint for the contest i have to have to choose 8 entries as winners, !! Still do not be sad friends, as you know this contest was for fun and for learning too!! And i really learnt a lot from you all with your style of writings!! I am so happy and proud to be associated with you all on this platform!
Thank you tons and tons guys!!!

So here are the awesome entries for my contest, do go through these bloggers writeups and i request you all to follow their blogs and support them too like you support me always!
They all are really very talented writers and never fail to amaze me with their writing styles!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Aarushi from
Little chef’s Apron


Anushka from
Anushka Stories


Deano from Gospel-road#66.1

Pavithra from Small talks

Darsini from Poet’s Pen

Unathi from Well-Watered Garden

Binoli from NoNaMa

Garima from A brush of poetry

Sowjanya from Intangible mystries of soul

Ashish from Proxy words

Olarotimi Onayemi from The god of super freaks

Sakshi from Art Enthusiastics

Varunavi shreya, sister of sakshi shreya from Art Enthusiastics

ENTRY#14 Van Prince

Imrana from Amazing Stories

Lebogang from
Exhortations with Shazzy

Cindy from
Unique Times

Aditi from
what are you up to during the lockdown?


Jeff from
Develop . Inspire . Transform

Kanjika from Certainly Doubtful

Shivatje from

Akriti from
Recipe of life

YBR from
Random Thoughts

Eva from Beyond The Blog

Thank you all for your interest on my contest and a big thanks to the ones specially for sparing your valuable time and participating and also inspiring me in a way to write more💖💖💖💖
Stay tuned pals, as result will be announced tomorrow, anytime!!🥳🥳

Stay safe!

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. Hey Soni, thank you for giving this opportunity.
    Every write up from other authors that you’ve shared here are amazing. Am glad to be part of this. Truly it is difficult for one to arrive at shortlisting the names 🙂 All the above were wonderful read.
    Take care and stay safe.

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  2. I’ve just read a collective masterpiece of poems on *Nature* and they are poetic book material that readers across nations and cultures would,no doubt, love to read, and Soni Cool, is a poetic genius to manifest such a priceless idea!


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  3. Wow this is awesome! I love how you have taken each poem and put them into such an artistic way of being them! I shall be supporting all the other bloggers too as this is such an amazing way to be connected! Thank you… I will need to read the poems when I have some time 😊

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  4. Hey, thank you very much for organizing such a writing contest and thank you very very much for sharing all the poems, tankas, write-ups and quotes in one post. It was amazing to read and experience all other views. All entries are amazing. Congratulations for organizing it successfully. It doesn’t matter who the top 8 are. In this post, all are winners! ♥️♥️

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  5. 💚 big hugs. And my feelings are no different than others thank you for creating this contest. Sometimes there are things which we need the most at that point in time. And this is that. awesome. Have so many drafts.


  6. Congratulations guys 💐💐

    See, I’m unable participate this. Maybe the next time. But I love reading your work.

    I appreciate this initiative. 😁👍👍

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      • You’re welcome, Soni. It was/is my honor. Thank you, my friend. I am so honored to be included with such talented writers and to be chosen in the top 8, well, that is amazing. A filled heart here. ❤❤❤❤❤


  7. Wow Soo wonderful entries! Well it’s ur wish dear for top 8 or top 5? I bet it would be sooo hard to choose 😊 thanks for hosting this wonderful competition. It was really fun… eeeh, I can’t wait 😜

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  8. Thanks for organising this wonderful event.It was a lot of fun and i am so excited for the results. All the entries are fantastic 😄👍


  9. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event! I had a lot of fun participating and I can’t wait for the results. All the entries are fantastic!


  10. Hi Soni! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing such a spectacular event! We all got to bring out the writers within us. Win or lose, there’s always something to learn. I absolutely loved all the entries. Can’t wait for the results!

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  11. Wow, Soni!!!!
    Congratultions on so many enteries and your kind spirited heart. I am so honored to be a part and sooooo wowed by the incredible poets and entries❣️👏🌷🙏

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