Stucked with growing up!!!?

Hey pals, how all doing?? All good!
Today i am back with a serendipitous thought, which i am sure many of us go through atleast once…
What is it?? Its about growing up!!
If you ask me in which aspect, i would say in all… Age wise, mental strength wise, responsibility wise, everything…

We all love our nonage days, there is no incertitude in it, am i right??

Have you guys had a thought like ‘Gosh! I wish time pauses, i wish time takes me back to the old days i want’ ??? I feel the same.

But have you ever thought our wish how they vary each time!! Ok i would elucidate it..
When we were kids, many of us used to think wish we grow up faster…
Then when we were in schools, again we used to think wish we go college soon…
Then again in college days we used to feel, hope we get a job soon so that we wont have to study more, earn money and be happy..
But in job life also we are not wholly satisfied.
Work pressure, busy life schedule etc make us vexed many times…
Well that does not ene there, as we grow older, pressure from parents start intensifying to step into marriage life (which is another stack of responsibilities)
With time we gradually agree, lack of choice or option and move forward in that life too!!!
Then we just keep harking back to our old cool life when we used to just to job and live as per our own terms.
Then we again reminisce our college days, then school days and then childhood.
We badly feel to relive those moments!
And its as plain as a pikestaff!

So the main thing here comes is ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ which were zilch in our old days, am i right friends??

*Parents wake up call for us…
*Getting fresh and ready to gulp tasty breakfast cooked by mother along with sibling…
*Playing around with other kids till afternoon, or can say until our parents come looking for us…
*Again lunch time…
*Then nap time… (well this i used to do mostly acting to show my maa that i am sleeping, but i used to be awaken…and once my mother used to get busy with other work, i used to slowly go out of home to again play😂)
*Then again evening snacks time…
*Loads of love shower from parents, sister…, family…😍
*Dinner time…

*In school days add on was school time with school friends, fights, tiffin snatching, rolling here and there all used to be a must 😉
*After back to home, again homework from school was added to schedule…then chattering with sister, parents, laugh, watching tv with mother etc…

*As we grow up gradually, we kind of adjust ourselves with changes slowly….
*College days also went on smoothly for us with some childhood friends and some new friends around… some class bunking, some canteen food and gossips, some roadside stall food eating, some cycle rides with them, leg pulling of each other and many more!!

*After college, some went for higher studies, master studies etc, then study pressure was somewhat on all of us, still we were relaxed to some extent…bourdened feelings never arised…
*Then came job life…which gave us a bit more stress…new environment, new work, new people, dealing with everything, tension etc still life went on…still we used to be in touch with our old friends, some new friends from hostel, office and hostel life was also another fun which i may write in another post fellas 😉

Till this life we were ok to deal… We were still kids to our parents… No responsibilities nothing on us…smoothly life went on…

*So responsible feeling mainly happens to have inside us once stepping into marital life, well its my opinion, does not have to be same for all though!!

And its somewhat true that marriage indeed brings a completely changed life…
Well mainly in india i can say..
Girl leaving her home, her parents her cast, her surname everything and going to a new home, new people, completely a biggest change in her smooth life!!
Then if she is lucky enough to get in laws people exactly like her parents then life goes on happily…but if not then thats all…
Daily her life will be kind of bourdened…

Cooking, serving, whole house cleaning all stuffs which many girls dont do much in their own home (as mothers dont allow their daughters to do all ever), but coming to inlaws they bound to do mostly!! Again another challenge and responsibility factor comes here…
Taking care of home, in laws, everything and everyone which never ever done in before marriage life, here all she has to do…so in such situation somewhere she really feels to go back to old gold days if atall possible…but thats again an imaginary thing!!

Then stepping into motherhood doubles the responsibility!!
Along with all in laws, she has to take a to z care of her kids…
As they say mothers never get rest in life!! And that applies to her…
She has to put her in laws, kids happiness above hers, she has to forget her interests, her likes, her me time everything!!

The girl who used to just eat, play, read, job, roam with friends, enjoy life would be doing all opposite work here… A 360° change, and being in the society bound to accept too… No other way, nothing!!

Well now a days i can say the bourden has somewhat reduced for girls than old era..
They are becoming independent, job holder and managing everything..

So friends how to deal with everything??
We cant quit and sit right??

#So first of all we need to keep our mind calm or atleast need to try to be calm to handle situations and people.
#Then we need to go with the flow.
#Need to leave anxiety, irritation behind and accept what comes on our way.

#Being adult does not mean we cant behave kiddish, sometime its ok to be like kids (howmuch we grow, should never let inner kid die completely) atleast to make ourself happy, i believe.
#Should not rush on anything, any work, do it like usual routine slowly, will be adjusted.
Or atleast can listen to music and do work which i usually prefer..
#Try to understand situation if any bad ones come, then in a cool mind try to deal with it rather than getting frustrated and thinking why the hell i am in it…wish i can go back to my old days etc, because its merely impossible as we all know.

#Once in a while try to connect with old friends via chat or call or video call or anything, so atleast it would boost your mood to much extent!!

So guys human life is all about learning, growing, accepting whatever comes in our way, moving on, get ourselves moulded with the challenges but in a sobber, calm way, as time does not wait or stop for anyone, so its nugatory to always ween on reliving old days, instead trying to find jubilation in present life is the practical truth!!

Pals i also always feel like travelling to my old days, but soon i realized its better to come out of illusion and move ahead in life with whatever sitch comes and forbearance is highly required..

Well above all are my personal feelings which i deal with many times, so thought to say my piece!!

Do let me know how you feel on it on comments friends..

Till then signing off to meet you again with another topic.

Take care!!


  1. “There are three rare stages of growing up
    from high school-to-college-to the workworkforce
    best part of growing up are school days
    our best days!”

    _-Van Prince
    This writing is make sense unforgettable memories! Do it again!

    Liked by 1 person

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