Understand ‘HER’

Do not think her as a ‘GIRL’, Think her as a normal human being,
Dont think her as a bourden, embrace her human!

Like other people, she too has her wish..
Please do recognize!!

Until when it will go on like you cant do this, you cant do that!!
Why cannot a girl move ahead!!

Understand what is in her heart…
Dont impose on her, all your thought!!

Not necessary, what you think, she would accept…
May be she thinks something ahead of that!!

Enough of listening to society…
Its time for her to be sassy!!

So what she is a GIRL, after all she is a human right?
Then please let her live as per her wish!!

Oppose her if she does something wrong…
Dont think her as ‘GIRL’, think her as normal human being!!!!!!

Do let me know guys what you think on my random thoughts!! Signing off till next post.❤️


      • Guten Tag

        Das Denken
        über einen Frau

        als Mann
        der ich bin
        kann nie genügen

        in mir ist
        das Gesicht
        der Frau
        in meiner Seele

        ich bin zu unbedeutend
        eine Frau
        von ganzem Herzen
        zu verstehen

        Herzliche Grüße
        Hans Gamma

        Good day

        The thinking
        about a woman

        as a man
        who i am
        can never be enough

        is in me
        the face
        the woman
        in my soul
        burned in

        i’m too insignificant
        a woman
        all my heart
        to understand

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma

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