Hola peeps, my amazing friends, how are you all!! Hope all are enjoying your days at home with own people!! Now a days i am not able to be active and post daily on wp… Yeah too occupied with office and other stuffs😐😐 today got some time for myself hehehe… No office, weekend right😃😃 So all of a sudden i time travelled in my mind to my childhood days, like how i used to pass my days, time with friends and parents, sister… What all games i used to play and what all types of games i had…and i remembered a fantastic game which my mom bought for me and my elder sissoo called BAGATELLE, mmm i am not sure if you guys are aware of this game🤔 if yes then you know how interesting this game is!!!

Bagatelle is a game of small pin balls made of iron i guess, and wooden board as you can see in above image… On the board there are many holes surrounded by pins which act as obstructions. Each hole contains numbers which we consider as points!! Red hole means – point and normal hole means + points… With a wooden stick inside it… We will put one pin ball at a time to push or kick it by that wooden stick, so the ball would slope through the board and would go inside a hole or inside the pins space!! Once gone inside a hole means that point would be counted as scores and gone inside pin space means no use!! Like that each balls to be kicked and scores get added… Its played by two or more than two people and who score more is the winner!!

Why i am posting it because many of my beautiful memories are attached with it! Mainly me and my sister and cousing used to play this game alot and lot at home… we would sit surrounding the board and would compete with each other to score more, we would even hide some balls so that other wont be able to score more hehehe, being the naughty kids us, we would do all such funny acts😄 and me always having the spirit to win, and not accepting defeat would keep thinking ways to win anyhow and if bychance i loose then you should see my puppy angry face😄😄😄😄 the snatching of pin balls, hiding them, not giving the wooden stick to kick, the laughter, the rolling down on each other, all those precious memories are just stupendous and golden, platinum days of my life… ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

And pals guess what, my mom and sister are now asking me like hey soni if you wanna play this game now also, we will order it online for you😄😄😄 and yeah yeah yeah i am really thinking to buy a piece so that can relive those moments by playing again with my mom and sister at home😃😃😃 i might sound foolish and childish and etc, but who said if we are grown up then we are not allowed to touch kid’s games!!! We should never ever let our inner kidd vanish away ever!!! So friends if you want to play any such games now also, dont hesitate, go on and play it pals, life is not certain so whenever we feel like doing anything we should go on!!!!

That is all for todays post folks, will be back again with my other such wonderful games which i have memories attached with!! Take care guys, stay happy… And thank you all for always there… Happy thanks giving to you all🤗❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



  1. Je ne connaissais pas du tout Bagatelle, vos mots sont émouvants, le jeu, l’enfance, prenez bien soin de vous également et si je puis me permettre gardez du temps pour vous, je suis heureuse, merci, soyez heureuse aussi, c’est ce que je vous souhaite du fond de mon coeur, très bonne journée, louise salmobe


  2. This game sounds like hours of fun and days of competition. I think I played a similar game but not this one but this sounds like something I’d get into and have fun with! I can imagine the thrill of comp and cheating to win😂😂. Hearing how you hid balls to win was funny.

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  3. That is so sweet!!!! I had similar games too that I played with; those are so fun! I love to revisit my old childhood games and toys. I still do that pretty often! It’s refreshing to keep your inner child alive. It brings you joy and we all need that in our lives! ❤️

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