2020 A worse year and a lesson

Hey friends, i hope all are well and safe…
I remember 31st Dec 2019 night… What a night it was, new year welcoming party, full on masti, dance, dhamaka, and enjoyment to d core…Everyone were full ready to greet 2020 with loads of hope, joy, glee and what not!!And 1st Jan 2020 finally arrived with bang…Like every year, this year also people were delighted to spend the time with full of passion, ambition, high spirits….And then booooommmmm💣💥Shattering situations were piled up for everyone…who knew or who imagined ever!!
“CORONA”–> Its presence was already endured in december 2019 end in China and was publicly declared in January as per sources…That time people in other country had a thought like ok, China is getting affected…lets c…we are safe!!! Then slowly it started spreading worldwide, with more speed than that of light!Count started increasing in such higher rate which is beyond one’s wildest dream!!Now whole world is at 23.7Mcount, 814K deaths, 15.4M recovery approx which is completely ruinous! some cases occurred unknowingly which is untoward, but others because of lack of concerns, people being literate behaved casually, took this lightly and result is infront of everyone!!!This is a lesson for us!!!

This ‘corona’ separated family from each other…Made many people jobless, homeless and what not…The heart tearing view of deaths, everywhere!The pathetic struggle of doctors to save peoples live, the uphill battle of police to control public, the workers distressing job, their efforts, dedication –>> DESERVES A BIG SALUTE AND APPLAUDS 👏

Heart rending views of people crying for not being able to meet their near and dear ones, hearing news of them dying still unable to meet them because of “LOCKDOWN”  seeing their last rites in video!!! The most inconsolable thing…
This misfortune was not enough, list keeps on adding to it along with tragic deaths!!
It feels like this year promised and prepared itself to be a devastating year in history!!

Still we all are trying to get a grip of ourselves, trying to fight back, trying to keep ourselves calm and have a hope that all will be ok but there are some people who are fighting with corona fear as well as inner fear, depression and at the end, ending their life with the self crime ‘SUICIDE’…2020 showed natural deaths of tons of people but also it showed suicidal death of many indian actors!! Which is worse than corona pandemic, really…Human life means up and down is a MUST!! Life will always go smoothly without any issues, sorrows, loss, there is no such written rule right??Then why to expect ??Many poor people are there surviving with extreme poverty, still they dont give up and commit suicide atall…Still here actors are just ending their life like that!!I do agree such situation comes, when life seems difficult, hard to tolerate, future seems like dark…no option appears to be positive…but that does not mean to end life right?If your any body part gives you pain then do you just chop it off?? Or think of alternate solution to apply to erase the pain??? (i assume the later!!)Then same applies with life as well right guys?? I know its easy to say than do…but atleast we can give it a try right even if situation worsens to extreme…Common solution is  ‘SPEAK UP’, ‘SHARE THE ISSUE’, ‘DONT HESITATE’, ‘FACE IT, DONT TRY TO ESCAPE’

Whether its financial crisis, or personal fights or mental tension or anything, anything guys, i would beg everyone to just share it…never hide it atleast from your family and friends, open up your mind to others, hesitating and keeping inside you and getting depressed day by day is not the fix… it kills you as well as your own family…

Just think once, ending god given life at once and making your people mourn forever is better or staying with them, fighting back, struggling, not giving up and getting their support (even if not financially, atleast mentally), spending time with them in any kind of situation is better??Never ever leave your own people alone, leave ego, anger and all aside and check on them…

there is no guarantee for the next second what in store for us (next day is far thing)…You cannot just assume from one’s face if he/she is sad or depressed, so just be always there for your dearests, no matter how busy you are, still atleast one or twice in a week be in touch with your friends (family ofcourse you keep them closest) , ask their wellbeing, help them if they are in need if you can, try to understand their problems…Dont run behind money, fame always, in this way we forget to live,  give time guys to your people, please do it… its a lesson as well for us…

Pals stay connected, stay strong, dont break down and fall apart..please dont..🙏🏻. Difficult phases will come and will go…life doesnt come and go right! Once gone means forever gone!!!


with these ceasing my words till next!! 😑😞


  1. Maybe not the worst year dear Soni. Time for strong people to be strong, be brave. Pray for our leaders to be wise. Old world will need to know concern, kindness and listen. Time for our world to forget old hate. Create bridges of friendship. Help the countries in need. This year should of taught us. The world is smaller than we think. I pray the coming year. We learn. One earth and one planet. We must get along for the sake of all the children.

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  2. I liked your essay and the caring for staying strong for family and friends. There is hope, and a greater hope than most are unwilling to acknowledge. All is not lost, and we are not forever gone after we enter sleep upon the end of this life – death. Even after this life, there is a resurrection for all who have ever been born and drawn the breath of life first breathed into Adam by his creator, then transferred to bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, his soul mate – Eve. [I believe even those who were denied that chance (the breath of life) will see the author of their beginning.] We are in the last days which is leading to the greatest event mankind will see up to this point in the quantum of space and time. We all have one Father and His first born is our maker who became flesh to redeem His greatest design in all of creation. Every thing that exists in the great portrait of the universe painted with all the matter that exists was by the brush strokes of the master artist. Turn to Him and there shall be the comfort of hope which so many seek. His earthly name was Jesus, and His soon return as King of Kings will set this world right. His coronation has begun! LOLGB+

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