That Day!!!!

She woke up suddenly and felt a deep mix feeling of all sorts of emotions.
Her heart was filled with desolation as well as a pinch of excitement too!!
She saw all airbags, suitcases, luggagges around her bed and a drop of tear rolled down her eyes!!
She got lost into deep rumination for a bit, but was heckled by a voice from behind “Daughter, get up and get ready fast! We are running out of time, need to catch train’
By hearing those words another few tear drops poured out…
She felt like ceasing the moment and not to let it progress atall!!
But then she snubbed the thoughts and prepared herself to be ready to catch the train with her parents!!
As the speed of train was rocketing, her heart beat was at full tilt!!
Body was palpitating with full sweat!!
Finally train reached to its destination thus giving a pause to her brood for a while!!
She held her mom and dad’s hands tight as if never wanting to leave them at any cost…
They gave her a comforting look and proceeded to catch a taxi towards the final destination of their daughter with equal heavy heart…
They reached at the college hostel with all luggages.
Entered their daughters details in form and finally went inside the room which she was allocated to along with 4 other girls, 5th floor, no lift.
As usual mothers being full of caring, emotional, protective towards their daughters, her mom arranged all stuffs for her daughter, bed, shelf, table everything she could do!!
After all her daughter left home for the first time in life for higher studies!!
Being a full homeseek, over emotional, ambivert, never did any household stuffs by her own, the kiddo, doll type girl she was, it was tangible for them to be worried for her to the core!!
Finally after methodizing all things out there, they sat together and canfabulated alot!!
Being the darling younger daughter, they kept on advising her with should do this, do that, should not do this, should not do that talks!!
mollycoddling went on for a while too!!
Finally gues time in hostel as per rule was over, hostel superintendent appeared announcing the closing time for visitors!!!
Her heart again skipped a bit and fast to faster!!
She would be saying a bye to them!!
She would be spending night without them afterwards!!
She would be eating without them!!
She would be studying without them being around!!
She could not envisioned herself being in a place without her parents around!!
Her tears as if promised to not stop flowing out!!
Her heart promised to not stop racing at its peak!!
She held her parents hand as much tight as she could!!
Hugged them and sticked like glue to them!!
Her parents eyes were swollen with full of cry and cry and cry too!!
She wished to leave study and just go back to home!!
She wished to rant a flat over there and stay there with her parents but not let them go back atall!!
But all her rants went in vain
Her parents gave her a warm hug and said a word ‘Take care, eat well, stay fit, study well, see you kiddo’ and disappeared from her eyesight!!
She just stood over there like a figurine!!
No movements, only tears!!
She kept on calling ‘mom, dad, please dont leave please please please no no…’
Interrupted by a voice “What are you doing? Why are you shouting?? Have you gone crazy or something?? Is it a time to roar or so? Are you done with it?? Now wake up and wash your face kiddo, breakfast is ready there”
She suddenly got up with jolt and rubbed her eyes!
Looked around and thought how come hostel looking similar to home!!
Then after few seconds she realized she was just dreaming!!
In real she was sitting on her bed, in her home, with her mom and dad!!
She was overwhelmed with happiness of being in her home, and that all the scenes flashed were her dreams!!!
She hugged her parents lovingly and gave an innocent kiddish smile!!!

P.S.: Its my own story folks, when i left my home first time for bachelor studies and thought to make it a short story with climax changed (which actually i wanted to happen but career also is vital!! ) In real i stayed away for 4 long years from home, ofcourse did visit twice a month to my parents, but till date my homeseekness persists!! What to do, hehehe!!!

Todays post is ending here peeps…
Do let me know how you felt and you can comment on the comment box on your thoughts about my short story!!

Till then Soni signing off till next interesting post…

Take care!!


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