Hello pals, today i am back with a most common topic ‘Complexity’ (its not simple/compound/complex logic though ๐Ÿ˜‰)Guys i boggle sometimes, why we need a complex feeling inside us? Why everything and everyone has to be complex but not simple, straight and clear? Is it required?? No right?? Still it develops inside maximum persons…not sure why it does๐Ÿ˜ including me (yes many times i have gone through inferiority complex, slowly improving myself)

Sad feeling, happy feeling, angry feeling are totally ok, as they are natural…but developing a complexity inside us is quite dangerous sometimes for us only…Be it because of some peoples behavior, or activities or anything, still we really must not let it faze us at any cost.Complexity always grows because of insecurity on something… unsurity on something…Its nothing but stacked of dissapointment on our ownself on some matter, which keeps revolving inside us for long and long and at final stage takes form of a Complexity which is Inferior complexity…most common reasons and solution as per my experience i would like to share with you all ๐Ÿ˜€**Disparage someone with looks/figure/complexion!!!**I have seen many persons who belittle others by comparing themselves and thinking themselves as superior to others in terms of their good figure or beautiful face or fair color… (Here develops Superior complex on those type of people and they do think themselves as above on all)Passing continous comments on others like ‘are tu achi nahi dikhti or acha nahi dikhta…, tere se main jyada achi/acha lagti/lagta hoon’ ‘are tu moti/mota hai… Mujhe dekh main kitni slim trim hoon’…

#So friends, how to avoid such comments from hampering your inner peace??Simple mantra–>LOVE YOURSELF MORE & DON’T COMPARE WITH OTHERS

Yes guys, you heard it right… If you start loving yourself like whatever or however you are, you are just you, never ever compare your looks, complexion, body with others, NEVER!!You are wHat God has created you like…which you cannot alter neither yourself nor others…so why to listen to others comments and get headache and disturb your peace??Take care of yourself properly and stay bindaas… yes on fat pov i would definitely suggest to maintain your health, eat properly, sleep properly, do exercise/yoga/zumba/dance/sports anything which you can, just to stay fit not fat…this point you do for yourself, for your own beneifit not to show others, only for YOURSELF!

**Denigrate someone with status like financially**Yes guys, these kind of people exist too who criticize others based on financial status, money, fame and all…They look down on others with little low income than them and behave as if they are the god!!

#So peers, ‘BE SATISFIED WITH WHATEVER YOU HAVE‘ this is the mantra to overcome that complexity based on income and status…Whatever position you are in now be happy with that guys, and yes i would not say not to improve.. Ofcourse try your best to improve financially, try to be self sufficient always and try to achieve bigger goals but again not to compete with others status, but for yourself and your family… Infact you can take these type of people as example for yourself to do better but not in negative way! Do it, i am sure you will feel good!!

**Look down on someone based on any activities like cooking/extra curricular activities**These type of people are also part of this universe (sounds funny though, but yes they exist too)People are there if they are very good at cooking, expert at activities like dancing or singing or art or sports or any such and iff they find others less than them in those, they will start showing attitude, will underestimate you always..

Friends you can just get over by ‘LEARN AND MOVE ON’Yes, dont pay heed to them atall…Rather you keep learning more and more and try to revamp yourself (ofcourse not asking to become vampire folks ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰, joke) to be a better person than yesterday!Try it, you will not feel left out or lack of anything or unworthy atall…

Friends, inferiority complex leads to depression sometimes, and i am sure you are aware of it!! If not then please accept that it happens!So why to get depressed, broken down and feel unwanted for such silly things?? Why not to learn from mistakes or any such bad comments and to refine your own self for your own betterment?Whatever you do, do for yourself… Make yourself priority and never ever downgrade yourself.Be confident always and have that much spunk in yourself to face and answer to such people who see you down. To avoid inferiority, you need to be feisty.

So cheer up fellas… Be good, be happy and enjoy each moment of life. Stay far and far away from such indifferent people. You will acheive ataraxy!!

With these ceasing my words till next…


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