Few of my arts-3

Hi my lovely friends, how is weekend going? What are all of your plans today!! Well mine same routine, either drawing or blogging or singing as you know already!! In continuation with my previous posts on my arts, today i would love to share my other arts which referred and inspired from google and gave a small try… Lets go through guys😃😃

Do let me know your views by in comment section, i would love to go through and also if any suggestions for improvements please do so🤗🙏🏻❤️❤️

You may also have a look on my previous posts on arts… Below urls :






  1. Woww

    जी करता बस देखता रहु
    देख कर लिखता रहू यहा
    अद्भुत तस्वीरे बनाती आप हैं
    वो बाते करती मुझसे यहां।।

    कहती हैं बस आप लिखो धरा
    ओर कोई ना काम करो यहा
    लिख दो हम पर आप कहानिया
    ओर किसी पर ना लिखो यहा।।

    बहुत खुशी मिलने लगी हमको
    देख तस्वीरों को यहा
    जाग्रत इंसान हैं,जाग्रत नज़रे
    तस्वीरे जाग्रत दिखती यहा।।


    Just keep watching
    Keep on writing here
    You make amazing pictures
    She would talk to me here.

    She says, just write it down
    Do no more work here
    Write me stories on you
    And do not write on anyone here.

    I am very happy
    See pictures here
    Awake are humans, awake people
    Pictures look awake here.

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  2. So incredible Soni! I wish I had your talent. If you would ever be interested in drawing a scene from the story I am sharing on my blog please let me know. It’s an old fairytale called The Princess and Curdie and I would love to see the characters portrayed as people from other cultures instead of just as Northern Europeans. Harini is working on making the emerald princess look like a Tamil woman I believe. Any illustrations would be great as it is just words now. No pressure 🙂 just an idea!


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