Hey folks, whats up… Hows days going…
As mentioned before, today i am back with third and last chapter of my post. so lets continue 😀

Our second phase of jim-dandy days were over with Divya shifting to other lab and me to other, our guru gaaru to other building completely.
Our work pressure mushroomed and we eventually got hard pressed in that and got to spend very less time together.

And as usual i was all verklempt for not being able to spend time with my buddies, getting stucked with work always…
Then one fine day we got to know about opening a small bakery inside our office caffeteria…
Then what?? well me and divya contacted each other and decided to just run over there to grab some cake or pastry or whatever available, let the work pause for sometime😆
As soon as we went near the bakery, we were like bewitched!
Like honey bee would cling onto flowers, like that we both were at that time… glued to the menu😆
Within sometime we ordered our dishes, our both’s favorite flavor chocolate… So chocolate pastry and choco lava cake after sometime were on our plates for us to attack 😆🍫🍮🥧
And since that day onwards we got to have some beer and skittles time to spend…😆👭🏻

Whenever we would crave for some sweet we would appear infront of the bakery and would nosh to it, along with that we would chinwag our hawksberry lab days!!

Then we both just had a thought, life would go on… work would go on… but the moments to spend with friends wont come back always, right fellas??

So that day onwards we found out our new locale to continue to pick up the threads of tittle tattle we used to do, and that was Sofas placed near our labs 😆🛋️

Again our schedule started with nattering on this and that topics, post lunch was a must time atleast for 20mins and again evening time 😆😆 or whenever we are bored or work wont be there then 2 adjacent sofas used to be blocked on our names 😂

We would colloquy about our hostel life, food, and mainly on flatmets tantrums 😂 etc etc…
Some sometimes we would yawn so much that security guard used to stare and come near us to check if we are sleeping😂 as sleeping or eating was not permitted in that area!!

Then there used to be a foreigner most handsome guy working in other project, in our building 2nd floor, we named him ‘Brad Pitt’ as we were not aware of his real name, later on with my investigation mode on i found out his real name (cant reveal here😝) so we both used to do line maro (hit on) together on him and stare at him, and in return he used to stare back at us in a questioning expression like what the hell you both are looking at? is there something on my face 😂 well why should boys have all the fun?? Isnt it!!😜

Later on Divya shifted to hostel near by mine which was even more better for us to do witty talks and giggle😆, i used to visit her hostel often too.
In office she used to bring lunch box cooked by her and me, like a kid used to gulp as usual.
Yeah yeah i was not cooking shooking that time and used to eat caffeteria food only (which was worse really), as you guys mostly know i am not atall fond of cooking (but as i have mentioned in one of my previous post ‘FOUND MY LOST SELF BACK’ i have started cooking or can say experimenting on varities of dishes, and fortunately all are yumm in my first attempts😜)

Then we used to call our guru garu as well to meet outside office hours and we three used to roam, most importantly gulping panipuri as i have already mentioned in 2nd part of this post that panipuri eating was our fav snack time, a must for us, then we used to go for movies (here mostly telugu movies, i used to understand via subtitle), and later on divya and me went for a horror movie ‘Conjuring 2’ , that was also loads of fun… we both got scared the bejesus out of it and at the same time we cackled with laughter by seeing each others facial expressions of fear 😂😂😂

Later on we made a plan as well to visit Vizag but unfortunately i could not make it due to my health issues (i really missed an awesome opportunity to travel such a marvelous place!!!☹️)

Then life went on with glee, chortling, chit chatting and full of exuberance… but one fine day divya declared about her marriage being fixed and she had to opt for resigning from company as they did not agree for transfer to other location (god knows why!!! )
Felt happy for her life but at the same time little sad that my special friend will be leaving forever to other place!!!
So we decided to watch a movie and spend some fun time together and that was all…
Me and guru garu bid adieu to divya to start a new phase of her life!!
And we remained in touch via chats, phone calls only (thank god thats there in this era!!)

So this is life right guys?? We cannot be with people forever… At some or other point we have to opt to go, with our will or without.
Still life goes on!! But as they say true friends even though they will be far apart, but they never ever go away from our heart!!
In this busy life, its true we dont get much time to converse daily with our friends, still we keep them in our heart and whenever they are in need, we should help or atleast try to help them as much as we can by taking out time for them thats the true friendship, right!!

So till now also we are in touch and i hope we will be forever…! We do chit chat in whatsapp and take a trip down our memory lane and laugh alot… recently we both chatted and harked back to our old and gold days and that made me write this beautiful post (divided into 3 chapters, well did not want to drag it more, but for sure i can write a book on our prodigious days as that much stories are there…but thought to make it short by highlighting our most stupendous moments , hahahaha that would make me a writer then right guys!!!😆 i wish to though!!)

With this Soni signing off till next post…
stay tuned pals…
and do let me know how you like my post, any comments most welcome❤️


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