My mixed art on occassion of international womens day

‘Sister, what is this womens day stuff??
Everyone are wishing mommaa today!!’
with a naive smile on her face, sweety asked her elder sister Mouni…
Its because today, on 8th of March all over the world, people celebrate womens day, its basically celebrated for womens rights!!, understood you kiddo’ answered mouni with wide smile on her face!!
Not totally persuaded with her sisters answer, she being the inquisitive child, again started interviewing her sister…
‘Whats rights for women sister??’ her face was still full of doubts…
‘Well rights in the sense women should be given equal importance, position, place , as men get in society and everywhere…’ uttered her sister…
‘then why i do not feel equality atall sister?’, the little kiddo interrupted her elder sister in between..
Mouni was surprised for a moment and then she immediately asked ‘what do you mean?’
‘i dont see any equality yet di, i mean take example of our home… mom and dad both do jobs, still mom alone does household chores, dad leaves early and comes late!!’
she continued with her blinking cute eyes ‘i even heard mom saying to dad, that her mom-in-law was not happy atall when i was born, as i am a girl!’
‘no kiddo, nothing like that dear, i think there has been some misunderstanding here, i mean…’
‘no sister, its true only, there is no misconception in my head, i heard all words very clearly!, and even dad was a bit sad too on me being born as girl, it seems! and you know in my school also i have seen all my sirs are greeted very welcomingly by principal sir, whereas madams are not greeted that much!!
and also also mmm i have watched in TV, there are so many parents who kill their baby girl before giving birth or if in case they give birth to, they give them away to some orphanage, and yes i have watched in TV that girls are still getting tortured in their in-laws house, many girsl life is still not safe, every single day there uncounted rapes, molestations, assaults, torture still continuing here di… strange noe!!’
Mouni was taken aback! totally shocked with these replies which she never ever expected to come out from her sister (studying in 8th standard)…
she just could not believe her ears what they heard!! she could not get any proper words to make a proper sentence and narrate infront of her sister who she still thinks as a baby!!!
she got lost in deep thoughts and again was put a stop to them by her kiddo sis…
‘i have seen in my school di, some girs and even few of my classmates are made fun of their looks, their weight, their height!!, some are called fat elephent, some are called sumos, some are called blackie etc!! i have seen them crying out loud, then how its equality??
You know, i by chance watched a drama on tv where the daughter-in-law was being scolded alot for wearing jeans, tshirts by her in-laws, as if she committed a sin! whereas her husband was roaming in shorts in house!! and i am sure it happens in real too!! then how its equality!!
i have seen in-laws shouting at her for not wearing bangles, kumkum, toe ring and etc whereas their son too did not wear any such to showcase his marital status!! they were mocking at their daughter-in-law for not showing to outside world that she is married, whereas their son doesnot look or potray as married atall!! then where is the gender equality di!!!! they were objurgating their daughter-in-law as she asked to go for somedays to her maternal home as her parents health was not good, so just to fulfill her duty as daughter and help them out for some days, they told daughter once married means not atall belong to maternal home, they only and only belong to in-laws home, should leave giving priority to her mom, dad, and rather focus on in-laws and husband and everyone!!! then where is equality di???
have seen her crying tremendously over constant taunts from her in-laws of not making babies, whereas if their son is not interested being a parent then thats totally ok!! where is equality di??’
‘ok ok kiddo, i think your mind would blow down, just relax, calm down, you should not think too much, should not get into all of these from this age, i believe you should focus on your study and…’
‘no di, i would not study now, first you answer me for all my points, where is the so called EQUALITY?’ she again interrupted her sisters talks…
Mouni was completely numb and was not able to answer or say anything, because deep in her heart she knew her kiddo sister is saying each and everything correct, its indeed the bitter truth of society, still she was unable to convey to her kiddo sister…
‘if a girl doesnot marry then its fault in her character, if girl does not want to have a kid then she is worse girl, if a girl does not look good then oh so poor she!, if a girl is fat or too much thin, then she is a joke for everyone, if a girl does job then she is selfish, if a girl doesnot do job then she is lazy, if a girl wears modern clothes, she is too much exposing, whereas nothing such counts in for boys atall, then where is the EQUALITY di?
From my point of view, when whatever i complained for would stop totally, when there will not be any crimes against girls, then we can celebrate this womens day di, or else there is no point on it, i feel’
she stopped her ongoing witters and sat silently making a glum face…
Mouni was startled and out of words, each and every words from her sisters mouth were playing in loop in her head, reverberating in her ears…
She was nonplussed and benumbed as whatever points her kiddo sis couched infront of her, she too had in her mind since long time but could never blurt out ever, but her sister did it and as usual she and her parents noone had any positive answers to her points…
And there was absolute silence in the room…!!!

You are not frail
You can be a lioness!
You are not solo
You can be your own hero!
You are not someone to leave behind…
You can be the best company!
You are not a slave
You neednot be afraid!
You are not a thing to be taken for granted…
You are the boss to conquer the world!
You are ardent
You can win to any extent!
You are a magnificent soul…
You should not let yourself to be victim to this cruel world!
You are an idol of artistry
You can do anything you wish!
You are only your biggest opponent
You can be prepotent!
Just gear up to fight back…
Defeat all ferocious beasts!
Wear your winner crown…
Be like a warrior and rise from the ground!
Women you are not anyone’s toy
Wear a smile on your face and move ahead!

Hola my beautiful women bloggers and all my amazing blogger friends, how are you all doing? So today we are celebrating our day, international womens day, so as usual i have drawn a mixed art, dedicating to all the strong women from my end and wrote a short story and poem explaining present situation in indian society towards women… Hope you will like it… Do let me know your points in comment section pals… HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY to you girls💖💖💖 will be back with new post soon, till then take care and stay happy…



  1. “Woman’s International Day comprise Women on Local, State, and
    Nations=Internatonal Woman’s Day, the celebration of women
    cross nations-cross culures
    in congrats and honors of Women’s contributions to the world (Mankind *&* Civilization)!”
    _-Van Prince

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  2. That story was touchy but you know, her sis could have said, their are people out there fighting for equal rights, as freedom is not something given by someone. It is something we strive for. I believe in feminist approach to society. Hope that girl from story seeks freedom in her own way. Happy women’s day,

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  3. ❤️

    A man “came” from a woman – so who is the stronger sex? Let’s see them do that.

    I also believe in women supporting women and building each other up…

    Sadly people aren’t always supportive of each other

    And I know some cultures are different …

    But I will wear what I want, say what I want and do what I want. I do not care what others think because they will always have a judgement so who really cares … you love your life to the best you can, be happy and be well.

    Plus it only takes one to speak up and bring change

    ❤️ happy international women’s day 💪 woo hoo women

    Ps… in my family boys are also wanted more 🙄 (although I was very loved, never felt second to my brother) … but the reason for that in my family is because the women are raised to be housewives (I was raised to be a housewife – from like 100 years ago)

    The boys are considered the breadwinners – the ones who take care of the family… the women take care of the kids and the family … the boys also carry on the family name

    Carrying on the family name is huge – they don’t want the family name to die out.

    With girls traditionally they take husbands last name, so family name ends with a girl.

    With a boy that carries on

    But things are changing here – sometimes the men take the women’s last name 💪😘❤️

    And also just FYI … the funeral business – it used to be all men… women are taking it over

    And we have a WOMAN Vice President ❤️❤️❤️

    Yay!!! So stay strong – believe in whatever you want … be happy … aim for the change you wish to see ❤️

    Thank you for drawing attention to the things that go on! Hopefully someday – we all be equal and these things will not happen anymore 🙏🙏🙏

    Basic humanity!!!

    Much love 😘❤️ be safe ✌️

    Girl power 💪❤️

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  4. I was observing the hands of the girl, how difficult it is to draw them backwards. Once, I drew two hands holding the earth, labelled “ Save Earth”. Actually, the hands were looking like our legs.🙄🤪

    Happy International Woman’s Day

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  5. Thank you for sharing and Happy International Woman’s Day!!… you go, girl!!… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May your troubles be less
    Your blessings be more
    And nothing but happiness
    Come through your door
    (Irish Saying)


  6. This post raises the right questions on the hypocrisy in our society where women are stacked against and patriarchy gaining the upper hands. It’s disturbing yet a truth no one wants to hear. Brilliantly done Soni. Belated women day!

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  7. Hi Soni,
    This poem was such an important piece reflecting the sad state of afairs that still exist not only in India but all over the globe. It’s heart breaking really. I love your poem giving ther encouragement and voice with beautiful art that only you camn do amnd dop so well!
    Happy Woman’s Dauy dear one! 💖🌷🥰

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