Fourth E-Gift Ready!!!

Hola my amazing peeps… Hope you all are good!! Guys as per rewards, i made a combo art for one of winners and my fav lady Cindy from Unique Times wohoooo💖💖💖 We had discussion and i came to know she loves Nature, Music, Drums, colors, dance,hiking,pets etc… So i thought why not to do a small combo art for her!! I combined Dance+Drums+Colors and my zeentangle style on it… Just hope she likes my gift☺️ So guys here it is… Do let me know what do you all think!! Hoooo i am left with 3 more E-arts to do… Hope will finish soon!!

Will be back with new post soon.. stay tuned guys and stay safe…

💖Loads of love from Soni💖


  1. Wonderful Sketch Painting
    Gift Dear Soni Ballerina
    In A Tutu With Drum


    Above Hehe
    Perhaps i
    Try it
    Yet i’ll
    Have to
    Go Without
    A Tutu As it
    Doesn’t Seem
    Like “They”

    Make my Size

    Cheers Keep Giving🙌☺️

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