Hello friends…What HAPPINESS means to you all??Its when you feel everything is positive, all going good, life is fine then you feel a joy of happiness inside you right?But being human we never feel real happiness in anything isnt it?Our hope and want never ever ends, its perpetual…If we get a chocolate, we crave for ice cream, if we get ice cream, we crave for something more…If we buy a cycle, we long for a bike, if we get that also then we desire for a car, thank god we usually dont reach for planes 😜In all fields its the same…

If we get leader post, we wish to be manager, if we become manager, we wish to be head of dept then ceo etc…If we purchase a house, we think to buy a duplex then triplex and so on… Basically human wants never limits…its fathomless like a sea..So the funda here is how to control your mind? Yeah ofcourse we can do that, we are human after all and we can get the control on our inner mind, inner conscience if we want to, right?

We should know to comfort our mind in all possible ways.Our mind is like a kid, who yearns for everything, sometimes in control and sometimes out of control. So we should learn to get hold of the urge we feel.We should always try to be happy and gratified with what we have now instead of running behind things.We should be grateful for what we have and where we are.Loads of people with worse circumstances are surviving. Instead of longing for more and more, we should concentrate on what we have at present and yes ofcourse we should try to grow in all aspects if we have the capacity in us, that does not mean we desire for beyond our limit, isnt it??Yeah dreaming big, dreaming high is absolutely fine, there is no right or wrong in seeing dreams😀😉But we should be careful in order to make it come true, we should not loose other precious things and people in our life.

So friends there is a saying in hindi ‘jitne Chaddar ho, paon utna hi failao’ means limit your desires as per your incomes, to chase your wants and then steps come for own destructions like taking loans beyond capacity as equal to as taking higher level of risk and tensions, depressions and worse end!“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” this is d best quote we should always keep in our mind and go on guys, right??

Well thats all for today friends!Will be back with other post soon.Till then take care, stay happy and fit. Sayonara…


  1. Totally agree. Being thankful for what I already have in life and keeping things simple is something I hold dear. That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t tried to make a better life for myself and those around me though.

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