Stuffs i do when sad!!

Hello pals… How are you all?? Hows your mood today? Happy ? Sad? Not sure??
I wanna know What do you all do normally when sad?? You share with your loved ones, fine we all do, but apart from that what??
Well i would love to share with you all the things i usually do when i feel off by mood, want to have a look?? lets go ahead then 😀

Saying is there that “Empty or sad mind is devils place, so keep it occupied with some or other things”
Which is indeed a true line and applies on all human beings.

Basically friends whenever we feel sad, with reason or without any firm reason, main solution is to keep our mind totally captured with some activities, atleast in that way we would gradually overcome our off mood!! isnt it?

Below are few steps i always do to enlighten my mood… do read friends, it might be helpful for you too…


Yeah i do talk to myself alot, ofcourse many people do, so i am normal human, not mental😜
I try my best to console myself and make mysrlf calm which is my first step towards cheering up my mood…


I have my sweetheart scooty zest, as you all might know.
So i just start it and go for a solo ride to anywhere around city.
Feel the fresh air, enjoy greenary side by and in this way my sorrow do quash to some extent.
I feel peace. It helps really!!


Yeah i might sound crazy, but i do it too…
I go to any near by fav restaurants and just order my fav food and gulp it.
Lunch time means rice or fried rice or biriyani is a must and some daal fry and a curry for add on.
If evening time then i many time drop in on 2 of my fav places. Wafflehouse and Barrista caffe..
Would order a cappuccino and a chocolate brownie and just enjoy my food and calm my mind down😀
Yeah i know in covid situation its not possible to go outside, so what go inside!!
Cook it and you can have it guys…
If not brownie, then you can try making cup cake, its very easy if you have microoven at home, just 2mins dish (receipe available in youtube), and cappuccino/coffee you can ofcourse make it. Just try this combo, you may like it.


Whenever my mood is off, if time is there then i do go out for shopping dresses…Yes mainly i buy them, as i dont prefer buying other stuffs in sad mood.
I would just enter few of my fav places like Shopper stop, Lifestyle and Pantaloons and would just hand probe dresses, try them and if i like them as per quality and affordable price then in next minute they would be in my wardrobe for sure😀
They say look good, feel good right?? Well i follow that 😜
Dont scold me now saying are you mad girl, in this corona how the hell will we go for shopping??
You know it right already?? Simple… If not shopping by roaming, then do shopping by scrolling in Myntra/Amazon/Flipkart/Limeroad etc etc and etc, possible right?


Sad mood? Dont worry dude…
Grab your vehicle, go for movie single!!
I do that often.
Would surf in book my show and look for a comedy or adventure movie and next moment i would be sitting in hall with a popcorn small pack or spring potato or french fries and again my fav coffee.
I sometime go watch a different language movie too, in that way i become busy ubderstanding it even if no subtitle and at the end my melancholy vanishes!!
Ok ok ok, i know, now all halls are closed, so no issues watch in phone or tv!!
We have Amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5 and many such to browse.
You can also watch web series, which are really interesting guys…
Recently i have been watching an old story series in NETFLIX ‘Stories by Ravindranath Tagore’ in hindi.
I just loved it alot… The way each episodic stories are depicted, acting of everyone, too good, far from all those saas bahu (mother in law-daughter in law) dramas and all nonsense..
Each stories are based on life of some or other people before independence of india and are incredible!!


Ok if you are an art lover then this one you are familiar with already right??
Art is soul of an artist.
I love drawing, so whenever i am sad, would definitely draw something or anything, even if its not good, i keep drawing till my mind buoys up!!
If you are craft lover, then easy home crafts idea available on youtube, you can try them at home like candle holder, wall hanging chimes, small pots for decorations, pen stands etc.
And if you are ok to paint your wall then more good!! You can do small arts on wall as well!


I do this often friends!!
I have Champak, Chacha chowdhry books from my childhood with me which i love reading.
So if you have such comic books in any language or any funny books or novels you can just start reading it dears..
If no books then online Kindle app you can install in phone and can go through…
Reading a good book also can lift up spirit…


Who said its written rule that only kid can watch cartoon show??
Till we breath we can watch.😜
So friends you can really try it, feels good.
My all time fav is Tom n Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale. I watch them alot…


If you love writing, then its a best one for you.
I do it too!!
I would grab pen and paper and just write out my feelings or i would write short stories or poems.
Writing expresses more depth of feelings as per me than saying!!


If you love gardening and you have ample time for it, then please do that friends… Its also a sublime way to make you feel good and happy.
And its also helps to add on physical exercise so healthwise good for you too right!!


If you love cooking, then this is a very great thing for you.
Making a good, lucious food would for sure cheer you up!
You can try making varities of dishes. Italian, chineese, american, mexican etc. Receipe you know Google or Youtube are our friends!!
If stomach is full, then happy is the mood!
As i am not a cooking lover person so i dont do that.. but i woud recommend it for others.


Yaa, i do this in worse case 😁
If i dont have any options left with me, then i just sit infront of God’s temple at home, explain to him about my sadness and cry out completely and actually it works too for me.. i do feel lighten after sometime!!
Well this is the last step friends, plz dont cry, instead try other things to be happy!!

Life is vague, so no time to spend being sad, crying, depressed right? So just stay relaxed and Cheers pals!!😀🥂

Thats all for todays post peeps..
Do let me know if it was a bit helpfull!!

Will be back with my next post soon.
Till then take care, keep smiling.😀😍❤️


  1. OOOooh I am so afraid that we are the same person! Minus the cooking and gardening. I burst into laughter when I was crying in front of God once. I just needed to complete the tasks I had planned instead of procrastinating and crying to God so He can just do the list for me.

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