Gracias on my progress!!!!

Hola pals… how are you doing guys…
Hope all are safe at home.
Today i am overwhelmed with the love i received on my blog posts, hence thought to share with you all🤗

Exactly in end of July i had a thought to open my blogging account on wordpress, well i had heard about other blogging sites too, but wordpress grabbed my attention.
Hence quickly installed the app in my phone, opened account, created site , address etc etc, well you are much familiar with the process!! (in the beginning i was much confused though😆)

Then at first i was blank, could not think of anything exactly what to write (it happens with me sometimes😑)
Finally i started writing, and posted my first post on wordpress… if you guys have not gone through, then kindly do so by clicking link below 😃

Initially i was not sure on how to proceed to bring readers attention towards my posts…
Just i kept on writing my thoughts on posts.
Kept searching for other bloggers posts in Reader, went through their amazing posts, followed them, got more inspirations from them too..
Later on by god’s grace my posts were indeed accepted by other pro bloggers gradually, day by day…🙏🏻 One after other bloggers from different places, countries started following my posts which again doubled my will to write more and more… Gave me immense inducement and was emboldened too…

As i have mentioned in my previous post, i love writing than talking… so wordpress gave me a beautiful platform to showcase ny writing skills, to express my feelings, my opinions and i am lucky enough to be appreciated by others!!

In my 2months of journey in wordpress, today i am exhilarated to communicate with you all my joy of getting 500+ likes by you guys on my post… I am grateful to you all for showing your love, appreciations always🙏🏻
Hope i would keep progressing like this forever!! Wish me good luck 😃

Once again thank you so so much pals for your support🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️ with this please accept my gracias and love🤗♥️

Ending my post here, will be back again with new one…

Do let me know your opinions on comment section🤩

Love from Soni❤️


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