“Good morning beta, wish you good luck for your day, today! Hope you will do your best!!” was the first voice i heard from my phone and was of Bapa, date 17th Jan 2011, morning 8AM…I woke up in a jolt, washed my face, took bath and got ready like superfast express!!Ironed my light green chudidar set and kept aside.Took a deep breath and sat on my bed. Then again a ringtone beeped in my phone and was of Maa…“Hello dear… All set?? Ready?? Dont be nervous… Take Saibaba’s blessings and give your best, we are all with you always, do give me a call once you are done for today’s stuff”Tears filled my eyes and in a sec rolled down too…Heart beated faster than anything…Stomach started aching like someone is stabbing with a knife from inside…Then another call from my elder sis“Hello doll, hope you are ok, dont be scared much, whatever will be the result, we are always there for you. Do your best. Take care”I needed the blessings, wishes the most on that day than anything else…Well let me explain you guys in depth… 17th JAN 2011 was campus placement day for my first job in my btech 4th year…it was not my first campus placement appearance though, before it, i had already gone through 2, but we can say this was the more popular organization and more of a thrilling one to share with!…Like every normal human, i too was extremely timorous!!

Though it was not summer in odisha, still i felt sweat all over me..multifarious thoughts were flying in my head…“what if you cant crack it??”“what if you  just black out ?”“what if you fumble to say a word infront of interviewer?”“what if you collapse??”Then an inner voice, i-soni (i have named it that) shouted “hey, just calm down girl, relax, get some grip of yourself, you are not going to a battleground to fight for freedom or something…its a campus placement, and its not the first and last one ok??”I somehow gathered courage and chanted om sairam om sairam till i get a peace of mind…unfortunately that did not work though!Well, yes i am such type of a girl, who gets anxious faster!! Like really faster!! And calms down too slower!!So nothing was appeasing me at all!Then i decided to just go with the flow, dont show the pale face, instead apply some powder, deo and get ready properly.( yeah in btech time unlike other girls, i was not having any makeup box or so, infact apart from study not much idea on other stuffs )By 9AM i was full dressed up, sized my document file which was needed in placement, took gods blessings, had a pinch of Bibhuti on my forehead and ate little, smiled at my roomies (by that date, other 3 roomies already placed in different organizations, i was the only one left to be placed), received their best wishes in return, and left my room for a job-battle-ground!The placement was in CEB college which was in same campus area with that of my college KISD, some 1.5-2kms distance and 3rd floor some approx 130+ steps till my hostel room.As usual in campus placement, first most round is the WRITTEN TEST mix of aptitude, reasoning, english which we need to clear to proceed for next rounds…i love reasoning and english but i am not fond of aptitude atall…So all students were alloted desktops to start for the written test.“Here is your seat, please carry on with your test and do let me know if you need any asistance with the desktop” one gentleman conveyed to me.I smiled at him and said a thank you..(though my heart was overflooded with fear or anxiety or so so feelings, but had to fake a smile which i am very bad at till now).I sat infront of my alloted system, opened it and entered the user id and password we were provided with to start the test…I overlooked through the questions and brisked up my pace to answer them…to be honest all practices for aptitude like 

 And reasoning like 

Choose the picture that would go in the empty box so that the two bottom pictures are related in the same way as the top two are related.8.

A.1B.2C.3D.4etc))) were just faded out of my mind…I just could not think of anything, could not recall those tricks which i practiced rigorously before…All questions seemed like some spanish or arabian language to me…I took a deep breath, composed myself and somehow started to exercise my brain to crack the questions…Then after some 10/15mins, guess what, desktop rebuffed to cooperate with me, it went totally black so my mind!I just could not believe what just happened…i without further ado looked around to find that gentleman who alloted me the system, fortunately he was around there…“Excuse me sir, there is some issue with my system, it went blank and not responding, i already attended few questions, 15 mins are gone, how am i supposed to finish the test on time, what am i gonna do now, its really pathetic, i….”“ok ok ok stop! I got your point…let me check your system” said the gentlemen breaking my nonstop babbles!I felt a bit abashed for few secs…“Lady, its not working, some internal issues seems to be, better you go to another lab in 3rd floor and get yourself a system over there, same credentials.” this was his words and he left!I stood befuddled for some time there, looked around faces who were full serious with their tests and there i was with this unexpected misfortune!!i-soni shouted from inside “are you a nincompoop?? What are you waiting for? Some auspicious time and invitation? Run to that lab and grab a system and god sake start your test, you mad girl”I without wasting a sec, ran with all my energy by staircases to 3rd floor (lift were also my enemy that day, out of order)–>1st exercise for the day over!I entered the lab,with half sweaty, huffing, occupied a seat and system and started with my test or can say retest…

Manifestly i was more strunged out more than before…Again i had to retake my test…I was getting abstracted alot, but somehow i finished the test and clicked “SUBMIT” button!!Again i ran back to 1st floor where initially we were allotted for the test, just to be around with others…Jim-jams crystal clear on my face, as i was waiting for the test results…All of a sudden i felt thirsty, again went out to have some water to quench my thirst…and when i was about to go inside, many students came out in a row and one of them told me “what are you waiting for here?? Come, lets go back, your name is not announced for going into next round, its ok, relax, come with us to hostel”I was aghasted! disconsolated!!!Could not accept that i got rejected in the 1st round itself!!! The round for which i prepared my brain like a machine for months!!! In my heart, i was almost confident that i would clear the test…stood in disbelief for few mins and stepped towards my hostel room (again 1.5-2kms+130+stairs)!!!–>My second exercise…To be continued…Part 2… Coming soon pals!!


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