Oh woman!

Oh woman, just listen to your inner consent!

Oh woman, never let your dreams go in vain!

Oh woman, dont get depressed with society’s complaints!

Oh woman, let your inner lost peace rise again!

Oh woman, choose your own path till the end!

Oh woman, dont forget you all have hidden wonder woman!

Oh woman, remember in each path you will be judged again and again!

Oh woman, if you choose to pursue your dream, you will be referred selfish woman!

Oh woman, if you choose to get into marital life and sit at home, you will be referred lazy woman!

Oh woman, do not let others opinion get you down!

Oh woman, always keep your spirit high and never bow down!

Oh woman, society and its restriction will never change!

Oh woman, just learn to ignore and choose your happiness which makes you stay determined!

Oh woman, learn to live your life with your own companion!

Oh woman, do not let the world snatch your freedom! oh woman! strong woman!

Heya peeps, my crazy lovey pals, whatsup guys… Today thought to write one liner style poem, have not tried before though, its first time… Based on society’s differentiation towards woman, few thoughts pondered in my mind and just felt like expressing… Do let me know your views friends in comment section and also let me know did you like my arts which drew referring youtube😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️will be back with new post soon…till then good night(as per india time😄) and good day to my non indian pals💗💗



  1. Saw this at the perfect time. Needed something to remind me that I’m still alive and kicking even though I don’t feel very strong right now.

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  2. Two different personalities one a such a rocking singer i mean soni rocker and the other one with Indian tilak on head and full indian bhartiya naari combination just amaze… a bhartiya naari with flower 🌼 in hair such a beautiful one👉🏻👈🏻❤

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  3. Amazing thought👍 you know when my wife was expecting my daughter, the entire staff gathered around the nursing home. It was through surgery. The girls in my staff asked for a party if it turns out to be a boy. I smiled as they left without congratulating me on hearing the news of a girl. I threw a big party for everyone to be surprised. I am proud to be father of that little genius cute beautiful girl who has grown up and settled in USA. There is nothing better than a woman in this world. Keep writing

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