An innocent reply!!

“Just look at yourself…
You look so awful!

Just look at your body color…
Black and black patches all over!

What is your status, whats your position?
You are nothing but a pain to my eyes motions!

I so wish not to be around you…
What to do, i am the unfortunate white cloud!”

Roars the white clouds floating on the sky… with a sarcastic smile ☁️⛅

“Yes i am black…
Thats not my mistake!!

You dont want to be near me…
But my dear its our destiny!

i dont know my place…
Yes I dont know my status.!

But do you know i sacrifice myself…
And bring you the rain…

So that you get a beautiful new life…
And float again being white!

We are like a coin’s two sides…
You shine bright on the sky…

And i glide above you, tolerate the thunder pain to protect you till the last drop of my life!!!!!”

Replied the black cloud hovering with a lovely smile😊😊🌫️🌧️⛈️

Hiiii hiiii hiiii my awesome blogger friends🖐🏻 how are you all doing pals? So todays post i wrote as a random thought knocked my head’s door hehehe, was just looking at clouds on the sky and got this idea to write something… Do let me know your views pals on comment section. Have a wonderful day guys… Will be back again with new post soon… Till then see yaa, take care😃💖💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗

Well did you guys purchase and read my book or not, if not then go fast and grab your copy peeps😃 below are the links to my book…😃😊😊😊



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  1. I am pitch black
    in me
    like all children
    this earth

    even as a child
    was the hike
    in me
    a dangerous adventure

    I have myself in me
    not until today
    in my you
    in me
    quite found

    life will
    in me
    the way to the goal
    find its end

    it remains very dark
    in me
    only in a dream
    becomes the world
    in me
    very strangely awake

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  2. Isn’t It Funny How
    Folks Hate Dark
    Clouds That Are
    So Full of Life





    The Desert
    Said To The

    Rain Forest

    Then Humans

    Chopped The Rain
    Down Afraid



    Giving Clouds
    Hi Soni Keep


    All SHaDES
    Colors Dark



    Twilight Clouds😊🤗

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  3. A beautiful poem on the clouds. They have so many stories. We observe them from the ground and write poems on them. What if a cloud writes a poem on humans?

    Good luck for the book Soni.❤😁💐💐

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