Why did i choose blogging?

Hi guys, today i am back with a short topic about expressing yourself!!
Well many say express means communicate verbally, yeah i agree to it, but whats the other way??
No worries, i would share how i do.😍
My main strength to express myself, my thoughts is #WRITING than #TALKING

Friends being an ambivert i do not prefer talking, vocalizing much with everyone.
Yes i do colloquy but not with every single person, only with my own people and with my friends whom i feel my closest!
Confabulating with people, i often feel a tiny fear of getting judged, a pinch of insecurity of getting jeer from their end and if i feel little ill at ease then i would immediately get worried.
Hence i choose to write and express than verbalize!! I would prefer typing long long messages than talking for hours on phone. (I must say by this atleast my typing speed is too fast😉)

As many of you might know in my previous posts i have mentioned in childhood i used to write my feelings, like if i am angry or sad on something or someone, i would write on a notebook.
Piece by piece, i felt a bit of comfort in writing with time , though it got supressed with me growing up…
As in this covid situation, our anxiety, stress mushroomed and to ease the same i could not think of any other way than stepping into blogging platform to express myself!
Initially i did feel a bit of ambivalence but the moment i started typing, posted my first blog, since then there is no stopping for me!!
I really felt an unbelievable jubilation, unspokable satisfaction and a smile full of peace!!!

In my first blog i could not think of any specific topic or anything, just whatever knocked my mind, i kept writing same!!, then i kept making my headway, some post with my own life experience, some with tips on any topics, some with short stories..

Today i am quite grateful i could come this far and glad to be accepted by other pro bloggers, to be followed by them, to get their bondle of appreciation via likes on my posts❤️🙏🏻Thank you loads and loads guys for this… 😍❤️🙏🏻
In a way i am thankful to wordspress site too for getting my own place😍
I can just write and write and no stepping back.
I hope one day my posts would reach everyone’s heart😍

So pals if you are also a kind of person like me, and a pinch of writing you know, then i would say this is the best platform to go on!!express yourself! not necessarily to write everyday, but atleast you can write once in a week or if its too much for you then twice in a month would work too!!Anything which strikes your mind you can write it down in the most graphic way, its completely your choice to write on your life moments or write stories or poems or scripts or mini comic book or inspirational stuffs and list goes on… Do try, you would inevitably feel relieved!, believe me.

But to keep in mind not to write to get increase in likes count from others, but to increase self confidence, to feel satisfied with yourself!!🤗 Remember whatever you do, do first to make yourself happy go lucky😉righttt??

Thats all for today’s short post friends, just felt like expressing my gratitude to everyone!!
I will be back with new post soon, till then stay safe, stay happy, signing off….


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