Hi pals… Long gap… Hope all are good, normal and calm??
Yes? No?? May be??
Well how to be calm in abnormal circumstances? How you guys keep yourself composed? Any mantras?

So “do Meditation, take deep breath, count down from reverse” etc are common facts which everyone knows and many does too.
Apart from these what next?
“do the things which you love to do always, it will keep you at peace”, hmm even this also all do..

Today i wanna share with you all what i usually do when i feel sad/anxious/nervous/frustrated and so on….(many of you might do the same, still thought to give a glimpse)


Music is such a healer which cannot be explained in words or thesis.
Its natures dandy creation whether sound of birds chirping, sound of rain drops, sound of wind, sound of sea…
If you just go to such a quiet place and sit for sometime with eyes closed, you would feel the soothing nature…
Likewise same music in our devices do make us calm.
Whenever i feel sad or irritated, i put on music and play all slow motion songs and absorb the lyrics, music beats, rythm everything and just feel a piece of peace!!!
I love playing Arijit singh or Sanam band musics or old retro songs of Rafi sir, lata mam, kishore da… (wynk/gana best apps )
This is also a common relaxer, but if i get a chance to go out somewhere quiet place nearby then i do so too to get some music from mother nature, way more reposeful

Good memories

Hmm this also max do… Reminscing all good, funny memories and living them, brings a little beam of satisfaction on our face, we forget our issues for sometimes atleast, right?? A good way to deviate us from being disturbed.

Write out frustrations

This one i used to do in my childhood. I would just grab a note and write down whatever i feel (with date and time too 😅)
Believe me it helps abit!
So guys just take a copy and write what all feelings are tangled in your head, yeah little bit time comsuming, still a nice way of keeping yourself relaxed once you are over with writing out your emotions!


Dance is a joy, a heart of life, a tranquillity
Frustrated? Just play music, anything , slow, fast, dj anyone and start moving, then feel yourself absorbed to the steps. Do bollywood, hip hop, jazz, or local folk dance anything but do it.
If you are a dance lover, for sure try it.
Infact try different, like funny things to include in your steps, example play a slow beat song and dance fast on it or do the opposite, you would feel silly but it does help steer clear of anxiety.

See albums

This is also my fav. Whenever i feel low, i would just hold a family album and turn pages to have a glimpse of my people, flash of memories and i do feel good.
Do it friends, it helps really.

Comedy movie a max choice

Watch any comedy movie, old or new does not matter, what matters is the smile, the laugh and the peace of heart.
The more you chortle, the less your stress would be and its true.
I watch maximum Paresh rawal or Akshay kumar or Rajpal yadav or trio of paresh+akshay+sunil shetty comedies (herapheri, phir herapheri, malamal weekly, hungama, hulchul and many many many more) these are my all time fav list and i do suffle them in my youtube watchlist.
If not the full movie in netflix or amazon prime or hotstar or so, then in youtube i do watch in short for sure… It gives me immense relaxations!

Talk to yourself to catch the peace

This one also many people do, so am i.
You are the first companion of yourself.
So whenever you feel dazed, talk to yourself as much as you can, console your soul, find out what exactly bothering you.
Noone to say anything, no fear, no hesitation to express yourself to you right? So do that guys, its abit beneficial!

Take a walk to grab fresh air

This palpably you should do.
Feeling irritation? No worries, just get up and start walking outside. Grasp fresh natural air, feel the breeze and absorb your mind into natures beauty.
By doing such you would feel ataraxy!

Talk to person who knows how to bring a smile on ur face

Always share your heart with your own people or anyone with whom you are comfortable of or assured of getting positivity. This attenuates your inner sorrow and makes you calm. Keep people closer to you whoever bring out a smile on your face or give you strong positive vibe to help you fight with the inner negativity and achieve equanimity!

Do home decor with crafts

If you love designing or decorating or art then you should definitely try it.
There are plenty of DIY ideas available on net to do your home decor.
Whether with any paintings or crafts or from the waste or papers or flower vases mandala or lights designs, wall arts or so…
You should try them when you are messed up with your mood swings.
Arrange stuffs in a smooth way.
Decorate places which you feel like eyecatching… In this way not only you will feel a piece of tranquillity but also a satisfaction and diversion from tensions.

Do try all friends and keep yourself sangfroid in any situations!
Signing off to return with next post…


  1. Hello, is this your first post? Because the reader, stopped here … I think I have liked everything on your blog. Looking forward to viewing your next new articles. Marie-Anne

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