Life in a metro!!

Hola my peeps, how are you all doing today!! Well today i am in full singing mood, hehe…so how cannot i sing my fav songs from movie ‘LIFE IN A METRO’, the two songs i love the most from this movie is ‘Oo meri jaan’ and ‘In dino dil mera’, both are quite high pitch songs and difficult to sing for a non-trained singer like me, but as you all know i love experimenting and trying my best…as both are bot my forte, i normally sing slow motion soothing songs, still tried… So i am sharing link to these songs which i sang and published on star maker app… Do listen guys, even if my non indian friends wont understand the lyrics still do listen to my voice once pals😃 and let me know how i sang💖💖💖

Link to Oo Meri Jaan :

Link to In dino dil mera

Will be back with new post soon dears, stay happy and take care guys…



      • If you have the potential to start and run a youtube channel then you should start it. You have to manage your video content according to the audience’s interest.

        You are good at communication.
        You are creative.
        You are an inspiring learner. Sure, people will feel happy to connect with you on YouTube. You can also get new readers and supporters of your work( books& blog).

        I too wanted to start a youtube channel but it takes time and planning.

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  1. Beautiful, Soni. One of your many talents. You are such an inspiration to us all, my friend. ❤❤❤😊😊😊

    I was bummed to learn recently that I was not able to get your book shipped to me. Is there another place to purchase it? Other than Amazon, I mean. Again, excellent singing, Soni. ❤❤❤

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