Wont blame you, just thank you and bidding adieu 2020!!


Hello folks, hope all are good and eagerly waiting for 2020 to end and to welcome 2021!
Same here😃 As we are bidding adieu to this year, so thought to share with you all my 366 days progress in 2020!!
I wont say 2020 was worse for me, because personally i found my long lost SELF back to track! I know it was pathetic for many, and i just hope we wll can have a good 2021!!
In these 12 months, i learnt so much, grew so much and accepted so many things which life brought on my way…

2019, JAN 1ST, 12.00AM

With so much of excitement, enjoyed the new year evening with friends and with a positive hope and so many things in mind to do in the year, we welcomed 2020 and moved ahead…
So january went well and normal for me as usual and was waiting for feb month to arrive as its my birthday month!!

2020, FEB 16TH, 12PM

You all must be wondering why i have mentioned this date?? My first CAR came home!!! Yeah, my all time dream came true and bought a New car which i always wanted to drive pals… I was super happy and excited!!!

2020, FEB 20TH, 12AM

Guess what? Its my Birthday date, 20th feb, yeahhhh… Like every year i just count days for my birthday and i get super happy like a kid on this day! So as always celebration, party all done on my special day!!

Then in feb, i started learning Car driving too, so i was really enjoying my days!


Then came this pandemic, spread, lockdown, shutdown all of a sudden in March in India!!!
World felt upside down, stopped for a while and felt like happiness ended here itself by being at home 24/7 and live life of a prisoner!!
All negative feelings merged in head and were like about to burst!

Slowly all infact started to adjust ourselves with this lockdown phase, mask, sanitizer, distancing from outside etc so same with me!


Gradually my long lost interest re-entered my life in this phase and i holded pencil, paper and started my drawing in MAY, and then onwards there was no stopping for me!

So since May i improved a lot in drawing, i learnt different styles like Mandala art, Zeentangle art and also learnt making human face portraits to some extent, well i am still a beginner in drawing human faces, learning going on… but atleast i can now call myself an ARTIST

Since MAY till date i participated in few art competitions about whom i found out from facebook and got CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATIONS too, So for me trying and participating matters most than winning or loosing!

Got to interact with many other Artists via various groups in FB and Insta, learnt alot from them too, i am indeed gratefull to all of them🙏🏻❤️❤️

2020, JUNE

I never ever imagined that i would start cooking a lot!! As you all know already how lazy i am and i dont like cooking or dont hv passion towards it!
But thanks to this pandemic and lockdown and to YOUTUBE and my HUNGRY STOMACH who together motivated me to enter kitchen wearing chef hat, hahaha😄😄 since April till now i have indeed become a good cook, i can say!

One of dishes i made called RAWA DHOKLA

And guess what? I learnt cooking various items, learnt baking, decorating food plates too😄 and till now i have cooked almost 100 various dishes! (Now a days have reduced it as you guys know already i am at home with my people, so i am just enjoying home food alot😛😛)

2020, JULY 27, 12PM

I used to be a mini poet, story writer in my childhood days, and as i passed my schooling all of sudden writing stopped and i never wrote any such since then…
So i would thank this 2020 lockdown which again inspired me, encouraged me and boosted my mood to hold pen and copy to write poems in ENGLISH, HINDI & ODIA language and then in one go stepping into blogging platform striked my mind, so just installed WORDPRESS in phone and opened my account, site, since then rising and improving my writing skills and learning too from my fellow blogger friends…

From day 1 till date, i have atleast become a Good Blogger, a good writer and a good poet!! with no followers to 1000+ followers as my amazing blogging guides and supports who keep inspiring me every day and motivating me to write more and more!!
A big thank you to all of you guys for your immense support throught out🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

2020, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 7PM…

September month was the most happiest month in my life as i was able to come to my home town and stay with my family❤️🤗
Homely feeling, love, care, happy time, Food cooked by my Mother and my sister❤️❤️❤️❤️ Car rides with my sister, outside food gulping with them and what not, still going on🤗🤗🤗

So in 2020, i can say September month brought so much of positivity into my life, i improved a bit more in blogging journey and got nominated for many more awards too!
I sang and recored many songs and gained around 50 followers in star maker (i am non-trained singer, just i love to sing as i love music alot and lot)


October also was a fruitful month for me, as i kept on growing in my drawing, writing and singing area!! And i am thankful again for this month as i opened my own ART ACCOUNT in INSTAGARAM AND FB with user id @soniiii992, gained 1K followers there too and getting so much love and support from them all🤗🤗❤️❤️ I post my own arts there and at the same time i learn from other pro artists too!

So peeps in nutshell i would like to thank each and every one who supported me, guided me, inspired me to bring out my hidden talents and there with me in all ups and downs throughtout the year❤️🙏🏻🤗 and i am too much grateful to this lockdown phase because of which i am here today with my own place in all the fields and i would not stop ever, will keep growing and keep doing whatever makes me feel happy and peace!

The only sad feeling i have is the pathetic phase world went through, the pain and loss are unexplainable and unbearable too, so i wont say much on those aspects, it was heart breaking☹️.. I would just pray for the world to become normal again and hope for some positivity this year🙏🏻 Lets together welcome 2021 guys and be happy that we survived 366days!!!

This is my last post in 2020 and will see you all again with new post and with new content…



🤗🤗🤗🤗Loads of hugs and Love💗💗💗💗💗💗🤗🤗🤗


      • You do not have to apologize… I did not expect a reply when I posted!… 🙂

        Until we meet again..
        May love and laughter light your days,
        and warm your heart and home.
        May good and faithful friends be yours,
        wherever you may roam.
        May peace and plenty bless your world
        with joy that long endures.
        May all life’s passing seasons
        bring the best to you and yours!
        (Irish Saying)

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