As We grow older!

As we grow older, we become mature…
All our childishnes lowers!😐

As we grow older, we become responsible…
We leave way behind our childhood!👋🏻

As we grow older, we feel somewhat burdened…
We remininsce old days and feel saddened!🤔😦

As we grow older, loads get piled up…
To go back to nonage days, we wonder!🤷🏻

As we grow older, we miss sweet banter with friends…🤼‍♀️
We miss our tittle tattle moments!🤗👯

As we grow older, life makes us occupied with stuffs…
We want to get peace we cry out for!🙏🏻

As we grow older, we let our childish side fade…🖼️
We let ourselves adjust to hands of fate!🤦🏻‍♀️

As we grow older, somewhere we leave carefree ‘US’…
When we hark back and think, we find an unlike ‘US’!🤐

As we grow older, no choice than giving in to change…
All our old sweet moments become just a photo frame!😔🖼️

As we grow older, time moves faster…
Live life to core and make it stay longer!👍🏻

As we grow older, its ok to be responsible…
Never forget to keep your mind happy and peaceful!🙌🏻

‘Life is shorter, life is unclear…
So make each moment worthy my dears!!!’😊❤️🤗


  1. Making each moment count is good advice for any age:) I am older and I still retain my childlike awe of life..I think we should never let that go.. Lovely thoughts on growing older.. For me, growing older is not just letting go of things of my youth, but also learning new things…and welcoming in some wisdom when it comes:)

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  2. “We let ourselves adjust to hands of fate!”
    Yes indeed. We have little choice but to give in is certainly more sensible than useless struggle. Acceptance, all the Buddhist stuff. Little point “kicking against the pricks” (to quote a biblical phrase).


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