What if day after tomorrow is the last day!

Hello pals, whats up, hope all are fine and safe at home!!
Guys, today i am back with a post where i would love to express my thoughts on the thought that ‘What if someone says you that you have 2days left to live’ what would you do, yeah yeah i know its a weird topic, but sometimes being odd also is cooool😎, isnt it😉??

Well i am sure you all would try the best to complete your long and strong wish which you were keen to fulfill, right??
Same here friends… So let me explain what i would do in details?? Shall i?? lets go then to dive into my to-do-list for two-days-left-life

Panic for sometime😣😐🥺😱

Well guys, being a schmaltzy person, i get tizzy faster on small issues. Hence i would first of all try to hold my breath knowing that i have only 2days of life left to live, then would try consoling an almost inconsolable ME and then would list out things i can complete fast!!

Would try finishing off faster possible wishes from my bucket list

Yes guys, as you might know about my bucket list, if not then here is the link below to have a look on same, do read and let me know what do you think!

So i would filter out the things which is possible to complete at a rate of knots, and would just start the mission without wasting any time!!
After all its my long wishes piled up, so how would not i try to polish off them, right?

Would have piquant dish in any sky dining hotel

Its my all time wish to have any yumm food in any restaurants who provide sky dining in…
Just imagine how pulchritudinous it is to have food above the sky, viewing clouds, stars, citylights so close and along with it cool breeze blowing near face!! Its just spiffing…

Would try riding bullet!!

Please do not laugh folks, but yeah its true that i always have a wish to ride a bullet by myself😉 So this one though i know cannot be totally done in a day or two, but still would patently give it a try! what say??

Dress up like a smart model

Well every girl always want to look nice, smart, modern.
But i am simple from my birth, i dont put on much make up and all that stuffs on me, neither i have that heroine like figure. But somewhere i do have a small wish to get ready with a modern, beautiful, smart look and feel a bit happy!! 😍
This does not mean to not like yourself atall… i always say love yourself first, accept yourself with however you look, never ever dislike your body, but yes you should do physical activity to be fit and balanced life.

Sit near by beach and have some me time

As you all know, humans should definitely have their ‘ME TIMES’ some sometimes…
So me being the ambivert, many time want to sit near any beach side and just get lost in my own thoughts and feel the waves near my feet doing dance slowly…

Would try helping poor!!

I am not the richest person atall, still i would try to help poor people whoever i see on my way and as much as i can!! As India is populated with almost 8.5% of poverty, and day by day instead of decreasing, it keeps on increasing, which is a sad truth!
Obviously i cannot help each and every person out there, but i would try contributing towards their growth, whichever is possible from my end!!

Would spend time left with family

Well the last, i would just come back to my family, and just hug them and keep chit chatting with them unendingly, being a homeseek person this is a sure to do thing for me as would be left with few times of my life.!!!😐

So peeps, the above are the things or can say simple dreams of mine which i would try the best to ship them!!

Well i know this topic is quite queer, but just had a random thought on it, and as you know i cannot resist for long to write out, hence i did!!!
Well this you can say is also a practical thing that life is unforeseeable so we indeed should live each and every moment as if its our last!! Is’nt it??
Do let me know how you felt and if you too have any such dreams to accomplish!!!

Soni signing off till next post!!


  1. Great question to ask. Since I am so old, I have already done everything on my bucket list. I have know since I have seen so many of my loved ones pass, that life is to short. You must grab it when you can. The thing I would want to do in my last two days, is spend them with my loved ones and then meet and thank God for giving me such a good life. Sometimes hard and sometimes not, but always good.

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