Hello peeps… Whatsup…today i am back with second chapter of my blog post THAT SPECIAL FRIEND…yeah yeah i know its been long time i wrote first chapter… What to do… Didnot get enough time to i am all on…😉

So my special friend and my funny story of travelling ended with our training completion. So what next?? We were allocated to project but different modules and luckily we got our seats in one lab ‘HAWKSBURRY LAB’, and from there started our next mischevious phase 😂

Divya’s team and my team we got allotted in the lab. So we were around 7 people sitting there and it was not any pure lab due to shortage of space, it was kind of round table space with all our desktops adjacent to each other, so daily i used to feel i am going for a dinner or lunch party 😂
Then gradually from 7 people, 2 people got their desks in our main lab and shifted there. We left 5 members sitting in ground floor hawksberry room.
Believe me, almost 1year we were there and those were the utmost in seventh heaven days of my job life, till now i miss those moments!!!
No manager or head people around, noone to interfere or boss around, full of freedom, hard to get in job life right?? Luckily we got in those days, but yeah doesnot mean we were not working, obviously we used to work but along with that full of fun we used to do…
Work life means 24/7 working like machine is not the motto, some percentage of entertainment, relaxations should be there. If no freedom given to employees to work and always imposing rules and bossy nature on them, then its writ large they would loose interest on work and job and would leave, correct fellas??
So we used to work whenever we were assigned to and used to finish it sincerely.. But if no work then what?? Thats it.. We all 5 used to do picnic over there kinda… Mmm except one friend Durgaprasad (mentioned as the most sincere guru garu in our team, remember??) but me and divya used to drag him also in our waggish team😂

So our impish schedule used to start with cracking jokes on each other, laugh out louder to louder, snatching each others tiffin like we are in school and are small kids, making round fellow cover with our stoles and clicking his pics (well one guy from divyas team abit healthy, so we used to call him round fellow 😆)

I Used to punch round fellow alot, as it used to feel i am punching a bean bag kind of thing 😄

Then used to play passing ball with balloons (used to snatch balloons if anywhere decorated for any occassion in office 😄) and with that we used to play like kids…
One day it was limit… My another friend saw us from outside of lab playing balloons and what he did you wont believe.. He called to landphone in the lab, and our oversincere gurugaru lifted the call and in sometime he started getting nervous and was unable to utter a word… We got confused like what all of a sudden happened to him.. Guess what my friend who called to landline spoke in a serious voice saying “I am HR calling, i saw you guys playing inside lab, are you paid for playing balloons or for working! I guess a serious warning mail needs to be sent to you all. Etc” thats all… Gurugaru got overscared and his face was worth watching as if in seconds he would faint 😆 so this kind of prankishness we used to do alot.

Then singing songs like mentals was also our part of masti…
Teasing lean fellow alot (well another guy in divyas team was like a tall stick level thin so we used to call him lean fellow 😅)

Then after our lunch time taking a free nap was daily routine for everyone except gurugaru as usual. He would stick his eyes like glue to desktop as if planning for some ias exams… But we 4 for sure would come from gulping lunch and would sit on chairs like its our home sofas and would take naps, in between some sometimes round fellows snoring used to fill in whole lab 😂

In these napping time, one day dont know how i just slept into deep sleep, work was not there too.. Suddenly one guy came inside to ask me doubts on my module… Just hopped up and stood still staring at that guy and in that time my phone fell down and rolled over half of the lab 😆
That guy also got confused and he must be thinking whats happening over here, is it a lab or a zoo or something… 😉
But who cares ?? 😄 if you feel sleepy and no work would be, then you wont sit and do bhajans right? Ofcourse you would take nap. Huh…

We all laughed alot and lot after that 😆😆😆😆

The most important one was our #PANIPURI_TIME… yeah it was a must in twice or thrice a week that me, gurugaru and divya used to run to gulp golgappas outside office stall. It was our fav snacks

timepass…no compromise on that…😊😊🥰
So our super funfilled days passed like this… Some work, some jokes… But later all got their desks and shifted to upper floor lab… And it gave a break to our euphoric days of freedom, peppy moments!!! But as usual life goes on right??
With this our chucklesome chapter 2 ending here…
Will be back with next chapter… Yeah story still there…so wait and watch..oops wait and read…
Soni signing off till next!!

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