Life seems to be
tangled rumination
like tight knots
More trying to loose them
Getting over intricated

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. Exactly so. It feels as though when I focus my attention on the present flowing seconds, life becomes incredibly simple. How complicated can life be while I sit here typing this? What machinations can rise in these seconds? Then conditioning takes over, the stream of thought takes off into future and past, and the world becomes an endless field of morphing facets. Like a jigsaw puzzle with no matching parts. Love this post. Thanks.

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    • Can you please explain to me
      – how life can be incredibly simple
      – when I focus my attention on the subjective moment?

      Can you please explain to me
      – like you the present flowing seconds
      – comprehend in the history of time?

      Please explain to me,
      – what machinations
      – can in these seconds
      – from what and where
      – rise to us?

      – How do you practice pausing in storms of thought
      – which cross
      – your intention
      – against their willingness
      – to be able to take off the future and the past?
      – those who are steadily
      – keep reporting?

      – What world is yours then
      – an endless field of changeable facets
      – like a puzzle
      – without matching parts?

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      • 1. How complex can life be in attention to what’s right in front of me?
        2. I’m not seeing a question in this.
        3. Thoughts are generated and rise without any conscious formulation, I don’t control thought, I notice thoughts that rise. Not to say my system isn’t generating thought at 400 billion synapsis interactions per second, but not in a conscious manner.
        4. There is no “pausing of thought,” the stream of consciousness will always be there, the difference is the focus of attention. Life will always be about the focus of attention.
        5. Mine is the exquisite world experienced as unmatched parts.
        Hopefully the questions were directed to me. The answers I give aren’t from authority but from my experience.
        Take care of you.

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      • Thank you for your response:

        I can understand your point of view, but I think there is no absolute truth
        – an event becomes an experience

        – I am a simple person in the world
        – nature, I am part of nature,
        —– is of excellent, exquisite quality,
        —– in a way;
        —- designed in the most tasteful way

        —- unsurpassed parts of being have not come across me, in me

        I think life on earth is, along with everything else, a fraction of the whole

        I think life, in all its diversity, does without my astonishment

        I think life out there is perceived through all of the senses

        I think that looking inside can make a significant contribution to understanding one’s own existence

        I think that thinking alone cannot be enough to fully understand life

        I could well imagine that there is a flow of emotions, feelings, sensations along with thinking, to promote awareness

        I think that I have no scientific scheme
        – Teaching building, a – principle according to which something has to be structured, ordered, made my own

        Your instruction: “Take care”

        How should I understand your message

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      • Interesting
        I offer no absolute truth what so ever. Only reports from my own experience.
        There is no permanent self. New beliefs take the place of old beliefs, no beliefs works too.
        Thinking is highly over rated.
        There is only constant rising and falling in impermanence. Taoist point to presence and absence being the same movement out of the potential. In my experience that seems truthful.
        No one can tell you how to receive a message. Or offer you an understanding of a message.
        For me, being in presence and attention to the proximity of body and these present moments is a place of caring.
        Thank you for the response.

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      • Thank you for your response

        Yes, I think it is the right way to tell a story based on my own experiences

        Yes, I agree with you that, as I have often said, there is no higher self in me

        I think, without making a judgment about my existence, I could not, in a perspective of diversity, take a stand on my questions about life

        I think Yang and Yin are the attempt to be on the trail of being conscious, with an oracle, to reality

        I think that every message, according to the logo, I have to, as far as I integrate it into my being, so that I can understand it

        I think that what comes outside, has to correspond to the inside, to a perception

        I think I have to understand what the soul, in the mirror to the world, the world as a parable, wants to say to me for new insight

        I greet you kindly
        Hans Gamma

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  2. There’s this, and then there is what we would like it to be. Rumi wrote to go with simplicity because the easy answer is within us. As humans, study long and you study wrong.🌹

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  3. Life becomes too complicated if we focus on the aspects of life that give us anxiety and discomfort. If we divert our attention on the little things that make us happy, life can be much more simplified and enjoyed thoroughly.

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  4. Loosing tight knots is so important mate. I’ve guarded and defended and demanded that certain knots remain tight and unlooseable in the past. I’ve learned that I am not disrespecting the knot by loosening it, just trying to continue living my life without painful weights always dragging deep in the earth behind me. I love this post mate.
    Your fan, Woody.

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    • Yeah i totally agree with you… Whatever the situation is or was, we need to move on and live life… Thank you so much mate for your support as always🤝💖💖💖


  5. This was an absolutely beautiful poem, creative and deep in its simpliciy. I found it to be wonderfully ironic how simple the poem was while it was pointing out how we tend to overcomplicate things – very cleverly done. My favourite moments in life are when I allow these knots to loosen and take a deep breathe and try to just relax.

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