Sometimes i just ponder, am i allowed to choose for myself?
Sometimes i feel confused, what if i object??

I am an adult, i have my own life…
I can choose between wrong and right!

Still why there is boundry, why there is limit…
why freedom to choose is not left!!

What is my mistake, that i am a girl?
Choosing my peace is why so far??

Why i am bound to be in boundaries?
Why society cannot let me be??

Why i am not allowed to breath freely?
why my own choice is others misery?

Dont i deserve to smile?
dont i deserve to live as per my wish?

Am i bound to obey ?
Am i not allowed to deny?

Why its so difficult to have own breathing space?
Why society, rules, traditions always dominates?

is this what i am destined for?
whereas my thoughts are unfettered!!

I plead to let me live my life, in my way…
Dont lock my legs, let me fly!!

Its my life, let me choose…
Right or wrong, its my wish!!
Please let me live!!!!!!


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