Job VS Passion, what to do!!

Hey friends… Today i am back with an interesting topic, header says it all anyhow!

So guys if i say, if you will be given an option to choose between your job and your passion, so what will be your reply?? (90% >>Job, i assume!) patently all would go for job instead of following passions right, because we need financial stability the most in our life in this era and always…
If we just leave our ongoing job just like that, take risk and follow our passions, then there is no guarentee that our passion would fill up our stomach right?

It would be wiser that we stick to our independent jobs but along with that also we can go on with our passions…(mmm can say kinda part time…whats say?? )

There are various apps, sites, groups available to accomplish our passions, i am sure many of you are well aware of it, if not also i would highlight them all for you pals so it will be helpful for you all!

  • If you love writing, then there are numerous apps you can install on your phone or laptop whatever you are comfortable with and can just start over with anything from scratch like any topics small or big doesnot matter, or any story or any poems whatever plunges into your mind… No fear of being judged atall… On those apps, earning money out of your writings options also there which you can opt for if you want! (i have not tried that yet but have heard of it and its seem to be useful)
  • Top most apps are

So by using these apps you can freely express your views, points and can accomplish your writing goals… Also on social media like facebook we have many groups on blogging where we can just share our blog post links with other bloggers and can get more idea on improvising writing style as well as if needed, earn money too…

*If you love painting, then social media is a fabulous platform to showcase your talent guys, yes correct. In Facebook you can join such groups on arts and paints or crafts or drawing groups (plenty are there) and can post your arts there to gain public regonition, and also you can gradually open your own page where you can publish your arts or crafts and can advertise them online for selling too!! Well gaining money or not is not the utmost important thing, but trying for anything is the root towards success, right?? If you are a pro artist, then you can also open your own youtube channel to teach various arts, designs, techniques..
So give it a try!!!

*To get VIP in singing, we have 2 top most famous apps, SMULE and STAR MAKER, so by using them you can sing any type of songs and can get limelight amongst other singers for sure! Do try it friends…

*If you are a home-masterchef, well in lockdown most of people have become one one 😉 then you can just open your own youtube channel pals.. Shoot videos of your new receipes cooking, and publish it along with full receipe descriptions and proper explanations on the dish. Publish that on social medias as well…You can also write food blogs and post it. Do give it a try and let me know!!

So peeps these are few process towards carrying out whatever passions we have in a good positive way! Try it and at the end you will be palpably super gruntled!!

Well thats all for the post folks…
Soni signing off till next!
Do let me know how much useful it was for you all!!
Take care and see you soon!


  1. I like your graphic with the intersecting circles. Very in site full.

    After reading your post, I realize that I am lucky because my job is my passion. I love what I do.

    I am also able to make the time for my cooking blog which is my art form. I have been able to channel it into a community project to support our local producers and food bank.

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  2. “Choosing between your job and passion
    takes common sense
    if you haven’t for one reason or another don’t have the job of your passion
    you must keep that job to pay your bills
    passion don’t pay bills
    when you acquire the job of your passion
    you can climb the latter of success
    you not only have a job but the job of your passion
    passion energize you to work harder to attain success”
    *The moral of my commen:
    A job without more pay the bills
    Passion without more don’t pay the bills
    A job of your passion not only pay the bills but push you to work hrader to attain success!*

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  3. This is such a great imformative post. I once had a starmaker account and tried singing. I wasn’t very good but I knew many singers who gained huge popularity through the platform.


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