Heya peeps, whatsup… hows time moving??
Too busy? need a break?? yeah.. yeah i badly need!!!
Guys sudden thought pondered in my head on the word ‘TAKE A BREAK’
So how much important taking a break in human life??
I assume it has paramount importance in our life, isnt it?
After all we are not machines to work 24/7!
Has it ever happenned to you guys ever when a moment comes and it feels like just leaving everything and everyone behind and going somewhere very far, lonely place, sit there as much as you want till get some peace and then come back!!
Well loads of a time i feel like it…
Some sometimes the irritation increases to a level that i really feel like just stopping whatever ongoing and leave behind!!
So friends we all should definitely have our own break time, isnt it?
Even if its office hours, even if in home or anywhere, a break is a must for us to refresh ourselves, lessen the stress and restart our work!

I have personally experienced it folks, if i dont take break from my ongoing activities whether its my office work, or my drawings or writings, i literally spoil the work…

So pals lets have a look at my BREAK TIME/ME TIME :


This is the first and most important thing i do whenever i need a break! As i have mentioned before as well, seeing any kind of comedy series or movies or shows just cheer my mood up and i feel relaxed alot!😃
Well should i say another thing, in the initial days of lockdowns i started watching all korean series (Not sure if they are korean) whatever popped in my youtube alot…
Few i loved too…
LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE and many, i cant recall exact names!


Music is soul soother always for me!
Little stressed, little irritated, little sad, a bit angry, i will just put on music, earphones and after sometime i am super happy!!
So its also my fav break time!


As you know already peeps, this is my best combo, so i have it any how whenever i take break whether in office or home…


But the above are short rejuvenation, for me long lasting freshness and actual meaning of break means trip, whether they are short or long or fun or adventurous, all ok.
And its indeed true pals!!!, going on trips with friends or family, exploring new places, new environments, the fresh breathing air, getting lost with scenic beauty and ofcourse clicking loads of pics make me feel energized alot…
I totally forget my stress and get charged to restart my life😀 and to tell you the truth i badly need such trip to go guys, hope i get to go somewhere soon…✌🏻

So these are few break times of mine, do let me know whats your break time plans in comment section friends…

And I am thinking to write my travel blog post soon peeps for places which i have roamed and lived💗💗💗, what do you think!!!

Well, thats all for todays short post, will be back with new ones…



  1. Your post is a masterpiece and It brought back a recall of something about time that I remembered in my life back-in-the-day:

    Time Breakdown ….
    168 Hours Total=68 Hours for Work + 60 Hours to
    Sleep + 40 Hours of Discretionary Time

    Thank you!

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  2. Loveeeee this post, and it’s so true. Taking a break is a must in life from meditation to a brief moment to breath, it does wonders. And I love to travel, I do for work and just for fun and taking the scenery makes you appreciate things so much more while listening to music. Wonderful post lovely.

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  3. Great post Soni! yeah we need break time…. but this seems to be mine.. and then its not a break… too much screen time! chocolate cake works everytime for me. I need to watch some t.v. and veg
    My daughter says the Queens Gambit is good if you get Netflix . xo ❤️❤️

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  4. Taking a break is necessary, for everyone. But it’s fascinating to see how differently everyone lives that break. Different tv series, different hobbies, different dream trip.. great post however!

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  5. Breaks are very important! I usually listen to music or write a blog 😊 Anyways, I am hosting a writing contest. It would be lovely to have u, but it’s ok if u can’t participate.

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  6. Totally agree. We have to just go somewhere for zen. I like to wait until everyone in my development is asleep and walk late at night and look at the all the lights outside people’s houses and streetlights on. So relaxing. OR, once the stupid pandemic is over and we all have vaccine in our veins so as to be safe and sound to go out far far away, I like to go to this place called bristol borough. A park with beautiful architecture and a waterfront. My sketchbook and art kit come with and people stop to watch me draw and paint. Then I go to this cantina restauraunt for dinner. If my Mom comes with I treat her to dinner there. Some of my best work is made at that park! So once we are all safe from Corona virus, go out to your zen place, have a GOOD CORONA! Meaning the beer with a twist of lime and realize the corona virus is no more. Cause 6 months from now, once the vaccine is at full power and we don’t need the masks, you will find one in your pocket and think, GLAD THAT SHIT IS OVER! OFF TO MY HAPPY PLACE! BYE MASK! WOOHOO! You have fun! Thanks for the writing. You gave me hope! ROCK ON!

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  7. These words hold such value and are truly inspiring to me. Right now I feel like I’m at a low point in my life, where I don’t always feel very connected to my surroundings, which I’m trying to change. It helps to know others feel that way too❤️

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