Oh woman!

Oh woman, just listen to your inner consent!

Oh woman, never let your dreams go in vain!

Oh woman, dont get depressed with society’s complaints!

Oh woman, let your inner lost peace rise again!

Oh woman, choose your own path till the end!

Oh woman, dont forget you all have hidden wonder woman!

Oh woman, remember in each path you will be judged again and again!

Oh woman, if you choose to pursue your dream, you will be referred selfish woman!

Oh woman, if you choose to get into marital life and sit at home, you will be referred lazy woman!

Oh woman, do not let others opinion get you down!

Oh woman, always keep your spirit high and never bow down!

Oh woman, society and its restriction will never change!

Oh woman, just learn to ignore and choose your happiness which makes you stay determined!

Oh woman, learn to live your life with your own companion!

Oh woman, do not let the world snatch your freedom! oh woman! strong woman!

Heya peeps, my crazy lovey pals, whatsup guys… Today thought to write one liner style poem, have not tried before though, its first time… Based on society’s differentiation towards woman, few thoughts pondered in my mind and just felt like expressing… Do let me know your views friends in comment section and also let me know did you like my arts which drew referring youtube😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️will be back with new post soon…till then good night(as per india time😄) and good day to my non indian pals💗💗



  1. There should indeed be no limitations or restrictions and jugdement about women. ❤

    Heart warming lines and drawings and paintings.
    A dream about deciding yourself what to do and to bring color into an otherwise dark and empty world. Or just to become a overall wonder and do wonderful things. ❤

    The drawing / painting in the middle has something mystical, magical and shows (for me) something really beautiful. Warm colors all around, beautiful dreams in mind, but dark shadows following around, keeping captive and haunted, while the dreams and colors comfort.

    They might seem very distant at times, but they are there and hopefully the dreams which will make you happy, will never leave you nor hold you back or make you feel bad, should something not work out. (Yea, my bla bla ^^) But I really wish for you to be safe and happy and free one day or stay this way, in case you are. 🙂

    With closed eyes, I see, even with my hands in front of them. Just one eye sees it all, while the others keep on burning (in my case), so I like to close them. But for your art I should open my eyes and ears. ❤ (In case it is too poetic or corny what I wrote, sorry. ^^ I just can't stop writing, since I did hold myself back from it for too long and too often.)

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  2. ♡ Awesome pic; the intention is set so now be patient and pay attention to that which resonates and respectfully reject the rest


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  3. Thanks Soni Cool, I have learned that we can expect from you innocent honesty and views based on your own observations. The funny thing is … males can say almost the same thing. The expectations and accepted norms upon us are no less obvious in our lives and how we think we may present ourselves.
    What we think and do reflect upon how our sex is seen by others. I know mate, I know. Am I less a man for this reason, or that?
    Bla bla. How do I act? How do I express myself? My blogging ‘friends’ may know me better than the other boys at the truck-wheel repair company I work at.
    Just a thought, thanks for reading, mate.

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  4. Most innovative poem for women.you know-i do as you are telling in your poem.I don’t like any burden of other’s thoughts.do as i like.sooo much my lovely Sony Cool💖💖💞💖💖

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  5. Love these lines and they speak volumes of truth. Dreams are to be chased, the only opinion that matters is your own and women are strong. I love this post of one line poetic inspirations , for I agree with them all lovely.🌹

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