Deeper like ocean!🌅

An art i tried drawing, referring youtube😊

Thoughts go deep to deeper like an ocean..
There is no stopping or no limit in any!

Sometimes less, many a times high…
Like the low to high moves of waves!

ceaseless weird feelings…
Same as invisible border of ocean!

Tangled with these many thoughts…
Like the waves have the tangled flows!

Feeling like lost somewhere…
Like a drop of water once fallen on ocean vanishes!!

Life is taking me with its to and fro…
Like the water drop in an ocean goes with its flow!!

Inside me, roaring sounds of heart and mind…
Like the tides sound in ocean while rising!!

At some point as the ocean finally calms down with its tides sleeping around…
Likewise the arguments between my mind and heart settled down!!

Is there any changes to my thoughts??
Well coming soon to play in loop same as above!!👆🏻😄

Hello peeps, how are you all doing…
well guys being an overthinker (some sometimes though😄) tried to compare my thoughts with ocean and its tides, dont know i might sound foolish!!! still let me know your views on comment section pals…and i have thought of taking a break from blogging for few days, after i post one or two writings as of today and tomorrow, my mind is jammed totally, nothing going inside to write you know… So i need a break and refreshments…😊😊but i will be checking your posts surely pals👍🏻❤️🤗
Stay tuned🤝, be in touch🤜🤛



  1. Our minds are so similar, yet so different. I appreciate reading your words. I will follow you now.
    “Like a drop of water once fallen on ocean vanishes!!” more people need this type of perception.
    I particularly enjoy your quality for being a unique person in a seemingly verbose world.
    Best wishes,
    (if my name offends; look within)

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