I was walking under dark night…🌌
A sound made me quiet!🤫

I looked around all over…
All i could see ghost in white cover!👻

I turned and started running…
A black flying witch came towards me humming!!🧟

I froze there like a statue…
I felt something under my shoe!👇🏻

A red color, shiney big pumpkin…🎃
With its black eyes blinking!

I ran and ran and bumped into a pot…🍵
Looked into it and came out a scary bat!🦇

I was terrified to see a black golden eyed cat…🐱
I fell down and got tangled in a big spider net!🕸️🕷️

Somehow got rid of it and crawl…
Then gosh saw a big fat owl!🦉

From far could see a ray of light coming outta house…🌃
Going near seeing a skeleton hanging made me shocked!☠️👽

I lost in thought of what and why all happening…🤔
And what, realized that its the time of halloween!!!🎃
Smiled and wish myself and the world HAPPY HALLOWEEN!😄😄

So just a halloween kinda poem popped out pals…And along with that my art mix of silhoutte+zeentangle+colorful pastels😃 hope you like it…

Let me know hows my halloween poem and halloween art in comment section!!
Good night as per India time and see you soon with next post of mine!!😄



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