A few songs!!! I sang😃🎤🎧🎵🎶

Hello peeps… Whats up… How you all doing today!! Mid week…waiting for weekend ?? Well i always eagerly wait for weekends, so that i can take a long nap you see and sing some songs, do some arts, write a lot and lot😄 Friends today i thought to share some of my song recordings with you all, well i might sound weird or boring…but as i always share my happy moments with everyone, so thought why not to post here… I have recorded Hindi songs only as of now, so my non-indian friends i know it will be difficult for you to understand, but you can still try listening music and my voice and can give me feedback how is it!!! Fine with you friends?? So i have been singing and recording in Star maker app, i hope you guys might have heartd it🤔 if no, then you can install in your phone play store😃. I would post links of my recorded songs here… Do listen with headsets on friends and let me know how are they!! Playing guitar and Singing is my biggest dream pals, i so wish it gets fullfilled one day!

Song-1 ‘Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwaa to nahi’


Song-2 ‘Main tenu samjhawan ki’


Song-3 ‘Tum aa gaye ho, noor aa gaya hai’


Song-4 ‘Aisa lagta hai jo na hua’


Song-5 ‘Lag ja gale’


Song-6 ‘Pyar ke liye char pal kam nahi the’


Song-7 ‘Iss mod se jate hain’


Friends, the links are recorded songs which i myself sang, not original ones.. so do listen with headsets on and let me know how i have song… Did you like my singing?? Any feedbacks on my voice??😃❤️❤️ do let me know on comment section🤗🤗



  1. Well, I didn’t expect that. 🙂 I really liked that first song already. ❤
    I will listen to the others as well. I obviously don't understand a word, but that usually didn't keep me from listening to music and songs. And these songs really have a charming and lovely tone. Together with the voice of course. ❤ ❤

    (I don't have the app nor a proper mobile phone, so I found this: https://www.starmakerdownloader.com/
    In case someone else also doesn't have it or wants to listen on PC like me.)

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      • This makes it good because then the feeling can be heard and felt. I personally preffer singing from heart / feeling than professional singing. Because when it becomes a “must” (when it has to be done and not by choice), then it often loses the special touch and feeling. I listened to all the songs and even zoned out and started dreaming and thinking of happy things. So thanks again for singing and sharing. ❤ 🤗 💖

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  2. All songs you share here are my all time favourite…….. love you yaar…..
    Really enjoying your sweet voice…
    Thanks for share it here…

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    • Woooo thank you so much Anushree😃❤️❤️❤️❤️ yeah my fab too… Thank you for listening and glad you liked my voice😃🤗🤗 not trained.. just i love to sing😀


  3. “Naps creating dreams comprising songs defines *Soni Cool’s
    talent, skills, beauty, and being on time
    creating writings into forms, shapes, and fashions
    new brands making mankind happy.”

    By: Van Prince

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  4. Ms Soni Cool, as awoman writer you have won half of yourf $success$=woman support women writers as a first priority and God has endowed you with the talent and bestowed within you the skills gto promote your talent. It is upon you to make all of your dreams of success come true. Enjoying a particular career that quarantee you things and values at your fingertips to can attain is another gift directly form God. Look at the degree of your talent and skills and the natural beauty and attitude and manners, style, diction, and class attached are blessing in bliss from God, my friend!

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