UPSIDE DOWN!!!💞👇🏻 👆🏻

Hey friends, today i was just browsing youtube simply in my break time and suddenly came across a movie named “UPSIDE DOWN
Well many of you might have watched it i hope🤔 if not then here is my short review to it, well trying to write reviews for the first time, hope you guys like it😊😊
I didnt know whether its my craze for fantasy or magical movies which grabbed my attention for this amazing piece!!
Its basically a romantic love story with a stupendous twist and any of you are fantasy lover then you would love it…

I have never heard of concept ‘dual gravity’ between two planets that allows the two planets to orbit each other in what would otherwise be impossibly close proximity.
So you can just get to see 2 cities in one picture with one at top and other at bottom and clouds in between (a out of mind view)
The two world are divided like upper world which is rich peoples place and lower world which is of poor ones and for the lower worlds people law is highly strict that they cant go to upper world via The only physical connection linking the two worlds is the headquarters of the “TransWorld” company where both worlds people work, the office view also worth watchable! All of the scenes are stupendously shown, not even 0.001% unreal, it would completely look too realistic as if such worlds exist!! I got dissolved into the moments!! And as you know already i am hard fan of such fantasy based or magic based movies or web series😃😃

So Adam a young guy from the lower world comes in contact with Eden a rich girl from upper world when both are on top of mountains in their respective worlds, floating clouds in between and they talk, and talk and fall in love!!
Adam somehow brings Eden to his place by throwing a rope to her and she ties it around her waist and adam drags the rope to bring her down and they finally meet face to face but with facing upside down which is title of the movie!!

They gossip, they share food, they kiss, they love and they roam around the down world.
But as every romantic story has a pause from uniting the hero and heroibe, here as well. They spotted by police of down world, police gunfire at them and in between this chaos and Eden falls badly and gets injured, they drag Adam away and he thinks her to be dead!!
After 10 years suddenly Adam finds a glimpse of Eden on TV, his heart beats faster to fastets..
He becomes overjoyed to see his lady love alive!!
And as obvious he does not have any option to meet her other than joining in the office Transworld…

He somehow gets the opportunity to get a job in it(how you should watch😃)
Adam meets Eden by putting Up-material in his clothes to disguise himself as a worker from Up

But Eden doesn’t recognize him because of amnesia from the accident as a teen, which makes Adam feel sad. Suddenly The Up-material in Adam’s clothes starts to burn so he has to return to Down world.
He was almost chased down by the cops again!!

He again goes to that mountain top and sits there hopeless and downhearted…
He could not think what to do and how to bring Edens memory back

He wonders would they be ever unite again!!
Would his first love be complete ever!!
So to know the climax and the full movie do watch it guys as if i would explain all then the charm will be lost, isnt it…

Let me know how you felt on my movie review by commenting friends!! First attempt on writing a review😃😃



  1. The review was well written (from my side) and made the movie play through in front of my inner eye. So now I basically watched it already. ^^
    Thanks for sharing this experience. ❤

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  2. Nice review Soni Cool😎, as I was reading.. realised I have seen half of this.. but I don’t recall why I stopped. Now I have to see that climax.
    There is a TV series “Counterpart” on the similar concept.. you should check out.

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  3. Yes, I have watched it already some years ago. And your review is very good.👍 I do love the new idea of it. I mean being the dual gravity. It is uncommon and not the usual type of romantic movies. My husband especially love that movie.😊😅

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