My heart hurts from inside…
My tears are deep…
Still i am happy!!!

I am broken from inside…
I am lost somewhere….
Still i am ok!!!

I am frustrated on life…
I am disturbed in my mind…
Still i am fine!!!

I want to run away…
I want to break all chains…
Still i am fine!!!

I want to shout…
I want to cry…
Still i am ok!!!

I am stressed….
I am depressed…
Still i am delighted!!!

I wonder is it me?
I wonder am i one or two…
I wonder pretending is only thing to do??

Sadly it is the truth…
Sadly its many of a common fact…
Sadly some forcefully accept!!

Waiting for the day of peace…
Waiting for the day of freedom and bliss…
Waiting for that heart felt smile!!!

Waiting for the real sentence ‘YES I AM HAPPY’

–A Random thought🙂🙂



  1. Wow nice… just like we say it was an emotional thriller movie,ur posts are too thrillers ,sketchings too..I feel like u have a great future in the field and I hope you are staying happy everytime 😊 ❤️ becoz I feel like an upcoming director and script writer for emotional thriller movies and novels lies there in ur ❤️ heart

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    • Woo woo wooo… Thank you to the tons for such amazing complements dear.. well yeah i love experimenting on my drawings, writing and singing skills always… I love to learn from others and keep going on… Thank you for visiting my post ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. *tries to catch those inner tears*
    It isn’t you. What you feel is the pain of the world.
    But since humans can adapt to new environments, others probably just learned to ignore it.
    In case it was really you, yourself you were writing about. ❤
    And these words are gold for me.

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  3. आज इंसान धरा दिखा
    दिखा मुखोटा लगाए यहा
    डर कोरोना बहाना बना धरा
    सत्य हर चेहरे पर मुखोटा हैं यहां।।

    आप उजागर कर रहे लिखित
    अत्तित वर्तमान दोनो खड़े
    सत्य का साथ आज दिया आपने
    सत्य सफल आपको जल्द करे।।

    Today, the person is seen
    Showed here
    Fear Corona becomes an excuse
    Truth is there on every face.

    You are exposing written
    Both present standing
    You supported the truth today
    May the truth succeed you soon.

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  4. Ah, don’t worry – it’s all illusion – even the you that’s reading this is just a manifestation of vague shadow on the periphery of vison in the corner of a dream you will soon forget.

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  5. Dear Soni,

    Why do we have Ups and Downs, Joy and Sorrows, why are there people who are rich and others are poor? – Life does not end with this life – every thought we have, every word we speak, every deed we execute has a reaction and follows the law of cause and effect (karma -law) – So we create a a lot of effects which have to bear on our shoulders. But there is also the law of grace that allows us to come out of this giving and taking process, out from those things that make us only temporary happy – indeed we are in search for this ever-lasting happiness. By the Grace of God, by our deep and earnest yearning for it – God will take arrangements for the seeker of the truth. This joy, this suffering we have to go through are only like clouds passing by – however, we want the eternal light of an inner eternal Sun, in which we are a sunbeam with our longing to come back to the source.

    I wish you God’s blessing, my friend
    All the best and thanks for sharing 🙂

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  6. Great sketch and beautiful poem. Such heartfelt emotion and very relatable.
    I often feel this way. It’s like we are programmed to put on a happy face. These days I just sit with sadness instead of wishing it away. It passes quicker when I acknowledge it (sadness) and allow it to be.
    Many blessings to you!

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  7. Sometimes people think it’s best to hide the fears, downs, tears, etc just to appear strong and seem fine. But it’s okay to let go and embrace the off moments. As that is the only way to face them and go through it, and hopefully come out stronger and better.
    Love the complimentary sketch. Wonderful poem💚

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  8. A lot of people are crying inside the mask and terrified to say so.
    Very hard to be authentic anymore, but people recognise it when they see it.

    I have waded through so many pieces of me,
    here at the edge where the weave turns wild…
    where textures move
    and fold
    and sing…
    and burrowing things come rolling home…
    to seek out my heart
    and rebuild it in spray.

    I’m on the edge of so much stuff right now…
    yet still, even now, after so many shooting stars of kindness have landed here…
    I’m still not sure what I feel here, beating in this chest…

    or where it belongs.

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  9. I had written a post about the *Mask* and when Iread where you mention ‘Mask’=I had to look at some of your creations and you are a rare talent=outta-sight-outta-mind innovative + creative!

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