My recent artworks posted on my art account

The glistering light
fascinating me with its charm
alas just a fantasy

Hola my fab peeps, how are you all guys… As usual i am totally stucked with too many works, so not able to write atall, as you know already right i am compiling book for the first time , so too busy in gathering coauthors for the same… But as you all know as soon as i get little bit of time, i cant resist myself from writing!! So here it is, wrote a Haiku based on my artwork✍🏻😍 and i will check out all of your posts surely once i am done with completing the book… do let me know your views pals… And yeah my anthology slot is still open, so if any of you wanna join then do email me friends @sunitadoll1990@gmail.com

Take care all of you, stay safe!!

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. Indeed Dear Soni
    All About How

    Art All

    DarK All

    About Art
    Life is DarK Thru LiGHT

    Indeed Nice Art Works Words

    You Deliver to Picture What You Paint True…

    Other than
    That Hope

    You are

    Joy Along With
    All Work and Art Too..:)


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