lonesome moment

walking down the lane!
flooding entangled thoughts within!
accustomed to the deep pain!
to verbalize, can see noone!
heart supplicated for a response!
Mind denied to enounce!
kept on thinking where am i moving!
in this dusky hushed evening!
a freaky feelings of loneliness!
kept exacerbating in each moment!
no ray of hope, no bit of positivity!
embracing and moving ahead with this air of despondancy!

Hola my amazing peeps, how are you all guys? Hope all are safe at your places… Well life is becoming normal gradually, so how are you spending your busy days! I am really too much occuppied with office work, book compiling, art stuffs…my writing skills have been kind of supressed much and i feel too bad for that as you know right writing is also my biggest passion… Still i try to bring out my random thoughts to words whenever i get time, so here i am today back with a short poem!! Hope you will like it… Do let me know your view in comment section… And i am once again sorry for not being able to go through your blog posts regularly but you all know right, you all will always be in my heart and mind😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗 keep smiling guys and stay safe. And i promise pals once i am over with book compiling process and my first compiled book goes live, i will engage in your blog posts surely💖 and yeah there are still slots left to take part in my anthology, if anyone interested to be a published and certified coauthor, do email me at sunitadoll1990@gmail.com or dm me on insta handle sunita.nanda20💖

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. Nice to See You Back Dear Soni
    Just Thinking About You Yesterday
    Praying That You Are Well and Okay…

    Wandering Ghost on the Earth
    Neither Realizing He is Dead

    The Way From 2007 A YouTube
    Piano Piece i Later Constructed

    Struck One Person Then
    Who Was No Stranger Yes
    To Depression Yet Others

    Described it As Light and Whimsical

    Oh How Our Human Views Differ

    Depending on the

    Filters We BRinG
    From Past to All
    Future Now Existence

    SMiLes Dear Soni Relieved
    To See That You Feel Upbeat
    Now in the Rest of Your Current

    Communication… True We Never Truly

    Understand All Of What May Be Behind

    Even A Human Smile Anyway on a Note

    Longer Than i Have Room to Copy and Paste

    Here Celebrating a 97th Month Anniversary, 9.18.2021
    Of mY Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” my
    Entire Blog Houses And Several Other Blogs
    i Administrate too in total Numbering 7 With
    Other Subchapters Spread Around Online

    As The Entire “SonG oF mY SoUL” Is
    Actually Just A VERY LARGE EPiC
    Longest Long Form Poem at 9.7
    MiLLioN Words Now Just
    A Copy And Paste
    A Collection Now

    Fully Globally

    Of Responses to
    What Other Folks Have
    Inspired From Their Soul
    to Mine in Connecting For
    97 Months Now Along With

    15,400 Miles of Public Dance
    And Over 100,000 Photos i Take
    To Fully iLLuSTRaTE it too And Now

    Can’t Afford to Kill the 14.4 Trees From
    my BackYard Forest Real Garden of Eden

    (And Over 10,000 You Tube Videos Would
    Never Fit in Paper-Filled Books Either Hehe)

    To Get the 144,000 Pages of Copy Paper
    Yes 288 Boxes of 500 Reams As Such
    To Publish the Equivalent of 242 Or So
    Novel Sized Poem Books in One Hehe

    That Would Surely in Weight Crash
    Down The Most Sturdy of Barnes
    And Noble Book Shelves Just

    Collecting Dust There

    Years and



    ON the Floor HAha
    Thing is All the Pages
    Are Just Fumes of my
    JoY iN Heaven on EartH
    DarK Thru LiGHT Then Now..:)

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  2. Thanks Soni for sharing your beautiful poem. Apart from your mention of book writing, you sound like me giving apologies for not keeping up to date with reading posts from blogs you follow. 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

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