glistening little stars
enwreathing the moon
as if defending it
against the black clouds
for eternity

holla my lovely bloggers!!! How are you all friends? Well i am again so sorry for not able to post consistently as you all know i am compiling new anthology for first time, so too busy working on it as well as on office stuffs, art projects etc etc hufffffff…. Still you know right i cant stop myself ever from writing whenever something knocks my head!! So here it is… Wrote a small tanka poem, hope you will like it…do let me know your thoughts on comments…

💖💖Also if any of you still wanna take part in my anthology and want to be a certified published co-author, then please letme know by emailing on sunitadoll1990@gmail.com or sending message on my instagram id sunita.nanda20 its really a great opportunity pals to become published author in cheap price…so hurry up!!!😃😃😃💖💖

💖💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖💖


  1. SMiLes Dear Soni
    Just Thinking About You
    Yesterday Wondering if You


    Down in
    Science Hehe

    It’s True as the Little
    Stars Protect the Moon

    Art Protects Your HeART Now
    Your SPiRiT YouR SouL From

    So Far Behind

    Dark Matter
    Clouds Lost

    Out of ART
    That Makes YouTruly ALL SmART
    With That Said Glad to See you Back



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